April 2023

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The voting results are in and The Able Trust is the second place winner of the CareSource Foundation Challenge Grant. The award is a grant of $20,000 that will be used for High School High Tech, a program that provides high school students with all types of disabilities the opportunity to explore jobs or postsecondary education leading to in-demand careers. The CareSource Foundation bestowed awards to 10 nonprofit organizations that serve the needs of children and their families in Northwest Florida.

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The number of persons with disabilities who are employed is increasing across Florida. However, this important talent pool continues to be underutilized because many employers don’t know how to engage them. The Able Trust is a statewide resource and can help make these important connections in your area.

 In the Tampa Bay region:

  • Hillsborough County has 30,825 persons with disability who are employed while 4,935 are looking for jobs;
  • In Pinellas County, 26,006 persons with disability are employed, and 3,011 are looking for jobs; and
  • Pasco County has 13,624 persons with disabilities who are employed, and 1,605 unemployed persons with disabilities.
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I had the chance to spend some time in the Tampa Bay region last week and appreciate the opportunity to meet with business leaders of organization including Hartin Dynamics, Tampa Bay Business & Wealth Magazine, Cogent Bank, Sheltair, Amgen, and RevStar Consulting… just to name a few.

We also spent time with The Able Trust Board of Directors member Todd Jennings and appreciate the opportunity to meet with Dr. Usha Menon, Dean of the USF College of Nursing.

As we meet with employers, educators and other non-profits, our focus continues to be on raising awareness about the importance of disability inclusion in Florida’s workforce.

Employing this hidden workforce is not only a way to strengthen your team, it also helps improve the local and state economy. Increasing the number of persons with disabilities in Florida's workforce over the next ten years could result in an economic impact of more than $110B.

Our team would welcome the opportunity to discuss your workforce needs and help connect you to local career counselors that work with job seekers with disabilities.

To schedule a meeting or if you have questions, please contact me at Allison@abletrust.org to start the conversation.

Allison Chase



NASA Trio Take Flight in Support of Disability

Inclusion in Space

Three NASA employees participated in a zero-gravity flight with the Zero Gravity Corporation sponsored by AstroAccess, a project dedicated to promoting disability inclusion in space exploration.

“Much like how we at NASA mature and nurture technological advances, this AstroAccess flight has a similar goal of advancing inclusion in human spaceflight,” said Lambert. “AstroAccess ambassadors are taking methodical and strategic steps to answer questions, adapt to barriers, and demonstrate the strength and perseverance of disabled explorers. And along the way, we are developing solutions to improve life for individuals with disabilities here on Earth.”

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The Able Trust, also known as the Florida Endowment Foundation for Vocational Rehabilitation, is a 501(c)(3) public charity established by the Florida Legislature in 1990 as a direct support organization for the 

Florida Division of Vocational Rehabilitation. Its mission is to be a key leader in providing

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