In this issue we celebrate Disability Pride Month and focus on the return of open enrollment season!

Did you know: The flag for Disability Pride Month (at right) was created by Ann Magill, with the zigzag colors representing how disabled people move around barriers in creative ways.
Everything You Need To Know About Disability Pride Month in 2021

  • The History of Disability Pride Month
  • Why People with Disabilities Celebrate Disability Pride Month When They Already Have Disability Employment Awareness Month (October)
  • The Relevance of Disability Pride Month in 2021
  • How You Can Celebrate As Both A Disabled And Non-Disabled Individual
Feds Plan to Add Extra Month to ACA Open Enrollment

The annual Affordable Care Act (ACA) open enrollment period would be extended by an extra month - lasting from Nov. 1 through Jan. 15 - under a proposed Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) regulation.
Tips to Prepare for a Not-Yet-Normal Enrollment Season

The 2022 benefits open enrollment period, which most companies will hold sometime between late November and early December, presents fresh demands as employers adjust to a mix of onsite and remote workers.
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The State of Emergency in New York Is Over: What That Means for Employers

It is important for New York employers to understand what this means—and does not mean—as they continue to navigate back-to-work protocols in the aftermath of what is hoped to be a waning pandemic.
Employers, Employees Navigate Back to Office, Work from Home Plans
Last year, companies around the U.S. scrambled to figure out how to shut down their offices and set up their employees for remote work as the COVID-19 virus suddenly bore down on the world. Now, in a mirror image, they are scrambling to figure out how to bring many of those employees back.
Celebrating Disability Pride Month with Stories
Disability Pride Month is a time for organizations to pause and embrace the diversity and uniqueness in their workforce.  TLC Lions  has supported global companies such as Morgan Stanley, Microsoft, Sony Pictures, PwC and Deloitte over the years to promote awareness of disabilities in the workplace and how to create a culture where everyone feels included and empowered to be their true self.
7 Essential Recommendations for Returning to the Office or Staying Remote
This article sums up seven essential pieces of advice straight from the Columbia faculty working at the forefront of this return-to-office, staying-remote, or hybrid revolutions. Here is exactly what you’ll need to consider going forward.
The Problem isn’t Remote Working – it’s Clinging to Office-based Practices

The global workforce is demanding its right to retain the autonomy it gained through increased flexibility as societies open up again. Pre-pandemic, it was not uncommon for an employer to ask staff to justify their need to work from home. Post-pandemic, employees may ask employers to justify the need to come into the office.
The 3 Simple Rules That Underscore the Danger of Delta
The coronavirus has evolved into super-transmissible variants that spread more easily. The clash between these variables will define the coming months and seasons. Here, then, are three simple principles to understand how they interact. Each has caveats and nuances, but together, they can serve as a guide to our near-term future.
Understanding the Hidden Costs of COVID-19’s Potential Impact on US Healthcare

While the direct impact of COVID-19 has already been substantial, additional layers of delayed or indirect impact have the potential to dwarf the immediate effects. These additional layers of impact related to COVID-19 could result in $125 billion to $200 billion in incremental annual US health system cost.
Reducing Opioid Exposure After Surgery
Self-insured employers and commercial carriers must follow Medicare’s lead to enable access to non-opioid therapies for post-surgical pain. Medicare has made certain non-opioids separately reimbursable, removing the cost burden to providers that would otherwise discourage their use. Learn how employers can take action in this brief from MBGH.
Future of Work: The Storytelling Experience
"As the world changes, employees require a new style of engagement that allows their voices to be heard, encourages inclusive behaviors, and provides every employee with a sense of belonging. We've witnessed the power of storytelling being the catalyst to drive the future of work." Gian Power, Founder & CEO TLC Lions