The transition between spring and summer is often associated with travel and outdoor activities. Unlike the seasons, life is not always as predictable.

Events happen over which we have no control. Actions inflicted by others directly or indirectly affect us. Sometimes we ourselves make choices that have consequences we cannot anticipate. Or, things happen that are just inexplicable. Whatever the situation, the bottom line is this:  

Life can throw us a curve ball at any time when we least expect it. For many, it comes in the form of a chronic illness or accident. Others may suffer from an unexpected stroke or the effects of aging. How do individuals and family members remain unified and hopeful when confronting a disability or cognitive impairment? The key is: perseverance.  

I have come to realize that there is no definitive blueprint or answer in solving every issue associated with any given disability. However, I have heard of people and witnessed myself those who find ways to persevere through their unique challenges. No, it is never easy! I understand there are those who have no support during their suffering. But be encouraged! Adopting a “stick-to-it” attitude through the toughest times can be beneficial for everyone.  

Although many friends and families affected by the disability of a loved one undergo innumerable challenges, having an attitude of perseverance is priceless. I want to state one important truth…the demands of disability on one with special needs and families are immense. Nobody can deny that the physical, emotional and psychological stress can be debilitating and erode the family unit.  

However, when everyone endures together as a team, hope is possible. Perseverance is the glue that holds families together. This noble trait produces fruit that impacts others and those who model it. Difficulties can be managed. Many obstacles are overcome. Most problems are resolved. Relationships grow deeper. Others facing disability are encouraged!  

Next month’s newsletter will explore the importance of resilience when coping with physical or cognitive impairments.