A message for students from Student Disability Services (SDS):
As of 3/16/20, all Student Disability Services (SDS, DSS or DS) offices will be operating during usual business hours and some will be moving to fully remote operations. Please review all pertinent details below and watch for emails/check local disability services websites for your school for more specific timelines and updates.

Disability accommodations and services (for schools moving to remote classes)
  • SDS is continuing to work with students already registered to ensure that the transition to remote classes will be effective. This process will involve many changes in a short amount of time and there are some things you can do to make sure your needs are addressed:
  • Reach out to your faculty members to learn about how your courses will be delivered as well as how accommodations will work; faculty may elect to use different delivery methods and formats so it will be important to know these details as soon as possible.
  • Some accommodations may not be delivered in the same way in a remote setting, and it will be important to contact your faculty to get guidance from them about how things will work for a given course.
  • Contact SDS with any questions or concerns as soon as possible. SDS is available to support you and your faculty with this transition.
  • For those whose classes resume remotely on 3/23/20, this coming week will be a good time to touch base so there is time to address things before next Monday.
  • SDS has been collaborating with instructional design staff in providing guidance around accommodations to those assisting with setting up the remote courses as well as to all faculty who currently have students using accommodations.
  • With the move to remote course delivery, there may be a learning curve for new technologies as well as potential new challenges in delivering accommodations; please reach out to SDS to talk things through, report problems and let us know if you need additional accommodations or support.

NEW ACCOMMODATION REQUESTS: Students may discover that accommodations are needed for the first time due to the change to remote classes. Please contact the SDS coordinator for your school to get started with the SDS registration process. Many aspects of the process are already online and meetings to discuss your needs, explain how things work, and finalize accommodations will happen remotely.

This memo as well as future updates will be available on both the SDS Homewood site and also on Accessibility at John Hopkins University site under Student Accommodations .

We wish you all the best in the coming weeks!
Student Disability Services (SDS) Staff

You can also find resources and updated information on the university’s operations and response on our  Hub COVID-19 Information Page.