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Disability arts disrupts ableist notions of beauty
Tangled Art Gallery in Toronto creates work outside the realm of commercial visual art where 'disability is not only tolerated, but imagined and desired.'
Mindfulness helped mom be kinder to herself. Now she teaches others
Protibha Gupta leads an eight-week meditation program for parents of children with disabilities at Holland Bloorview. 'When I talk about stress, I know the stress.'
Cutting work hours to care for a child with a chronic condition is costly
Families lose an average of US$18K a year when they cut work hours or leave jobs to care for a child with extra health needs, a Pediatrics study finds.
In a world ruled by 'normal,' no one is free
Jonathan Mooney's book 'Normal Sucks' is a call to reject the myth of normality, which has 'been propped up by and constructed on the bodies and lives of the not normal.'
'Spaces': Music video makes room for disability
A new video, made by and for disabled people, was filmed in Los Angeles and directed by filmmaker Dominick Evans from his bed just outside Detroit.
One of my favourite sources for current information about disability and advocacy. I love how there is always a diverse set of 'voices.'
Maritza Basaran, Twitter
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Girl designs stylish hospital gear
Laila Susini, 12, is making really cool sweatshirts, hoodies and sweatpants that fit PICC lines, g-tubes, casts and catheters. The Los Angeles girl got the idea after her own experience in hospital.

Just As I Am is a film about heart
This CBC Gem film is about a Montreal choir for people with developmental disabilities during the pandemic. It includes the story of the late BLOOM contributor Joel Yanofsky and his family.
Looking for a stocking stuffer for a teen? Double Negative is a young adult novel that includes a basketball star amputee as a love interest. Kirkus Reviews says it's 'An often humorous and insightful story of teens becoming self-aware young adults.' Read our interview with author Susan Marshall, a Holland Bloorview parent!
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