Happy New Year!
Dearest Friends,

ASuperior has a history of providing superior service to our clients. As the call center industry has evolved, ASuperior has evolved with it by providing new services, expanding our territory, all while still providing the same superior service our clients have come to love and expect.

Our contact center is here to provide quality and efficient customer care to your clients. We offer specialty services like HIPAA compliant text messaging to ensure information is safe and secure. Be sure to read more about this unique service below!

Customer service is a crucial component for any business. Your first impression can make or break you. How your representatives say, "hello", can set the tone for your customer's experience. Our 24.7.365 on call receptionists are here to give a warm and positive welcome. Check out some of our customer service tips & tricks below.

As always, we want to Thank YOU  for choosing our team and allowing us to serve you. We are always here to serve you and welcome your calls and  emails.

The ASuperior Contact Center Team
Disaster Preparedness

We're Ready!

In the event of a disaster like a snow storm, a hurricane, a tornado, or even a power outage... we are prepared to handle your customer service needs.

To provide your client's with superior service during a natural disaster, kindly advise us of any changes in office hours. With these important updates, we'll be able to dispatch your calls properly.
How We Can Help!
  1. Our back-up has back-up. We use a data center in Atlanta for our servers that have a 99.9999% uptime. This includes redundant power, generators, etc. in the event of power outages.
  2. In the event of an evacuation, we have laptops ready to relocate to a secondary location where Internet is available. We also have remote agents on call, as well as admin staff that have access from home.
  3. We have a text notification service in case we are in DR mode. Through our text service, we are able to communicate with our clients safely and securely via text.
New Year, New Goals!
We wish you good health, happiness, and joy in 2019!

Customer Service Tips & Tricks
Make a great first impression. Smile, it will come through in your voice. Start with a warm and welcoming introduction versus just saying, "hello?" or simply stating your company name, such as, "ABC Cleaners."
Listening to the customer, uncovering their obstacles, and providing a solution that makes a customer feel secure and happy is vital to the contact center industry.
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HIPAA Compliant Text Messaging
Text Away!

Receive important and sensitive patient/client information using our secure texting software. Now have the ease of texting, without the worry of HIPAA compliance. 

How does it work? You will receive a text message containing a link to your message, which is stored on our secure web portal. Easily view and respond to your messages from your mobile device. 
Need Extra Coverage?
We Are Here 24•7•365 to Serve You!