April 2019
Yolo County's Disaster Preparedness Planning and What You Can Do to Help Yourself
District 4 Newsletter
As we know all too well, floods and wildfires are an annual threat to our homes and our lives. This is a harsh but unavoidable reality and I am putting disaster preparedness at the forefront of my efforts to ensure the safety of all Yolo County residents in the event of such disasters. As Chair of both the Commission on Aging & Adult Services and the Yolo Healthy Aging Alliance, taking care of Yolo County's vulnerable population is my duty and I will see to it that they are not forgotten when crisis strikes.

´╗┐This year, both my office and Yolo County are making it a top priority to ensure the safety of all residents by drafting and finalizing an all-encompassing disaster preparedness plan that includes transportation, communication, and collaboration as well as resources and plans specifically designed to assist residents with access and functional needs.
The Office of Emergency Services (OES) is Yolo County's department in charge of aligning emergency services including each city's disaster plans and accounting for the unincorporated areas within Yolo County.
In February, my colleagues and I on the Board of Supervisors received a presentation outlining the Office of Emergency Services' most recent work to revise and update the county's current disaster plan. This included valuable additions such as rallying points and evacuation routes that can be found online as well as outreach meetings all across the county.

The Office of Emergency Services is now meeting with county boards and agencies to collect input and feedback on how to move forward with their efforts. OES recently attended the March Commission on Aging & Adult Services meeting and Healthy Aging Alliance meeting in April where they delivered presentations and fostered discussion. These meetings help OES obtain feedback about how they can best accommodate and account for those who are aging or living with access and functional needs.
OES is reaching out to engage and inform Yolo County residents of how to access their services and prepare for possible disasters. Outreach meetings in Davis can be expected later this summer, Woodland meetings are planned for late May, and West Sacramento meetings will be in the fall before flood season. We encourage you to attend and be educated.

You can find your evacuation zone and sign up for emergency alerts using the buttons below. Your evacuation zone informs you of your unique rally point and evacuation routes. Emergency alerts allow you to stay updated and be notified when emergencies occur.
In addition to OES services, you can also take these measures and many others to prepare for a disaster such as:
  • Decide on a meeting place.
  • Program emergency numbers in your phone.
  • Plan primary and alternate escape routes.
  • Create an emergency kit including nonperishable foods and a first aid kit.

We hope that with these resources, you can be safe, smart, and look out for each other in the event of a disaster.