Disaster Relief/COVID Resources
Dear Illinois Colleagues, Friends, Families and Communities,
The Illinois Arts Council Agency (IACA) staff’s hearts and thoughts are with our communities in Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, Missouri and in our own state of Illinois. In light of the recent tornados and their impact, life-sustaining activities remain the highest priority as recovery efforts begin.
Although the IACA has limited resources to offer at this time we would like to ensure that you are aware of the available resources to you on a state, federal and national level for disaster relief as well COVID related. This information is being shared with all of the IACA constituents across the state because we are all one community. As always the IACA staff/family is available to serve you, please feel free to reach out for assistance: https://arts.illinois.gov/about-iac/staff.

  • FEMA Save Your Family Treasures: https://www.fema.gov/assistance/save-family-treasures This FEMA site offers guidance to help individuals and families salvage their treasured family belongings following a disaster. The site includes the two-page fact sheet Salvaging Water-Damaged Family Valuables and Treasures (fema.gov), which is available in multiple languages. The site also contains step-by-step instructions to help survivors stabilize their treasured photos, documents and papers, and books and buy time to make an educated decision on further treatment and handling of family mementos.


Thank You,

Joshua Davis-Ruperto
Executive Director
Illinois Arts Council Agency

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