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May 2017


Does your institution have a solid, fully-tested disaster recovery plan to ensure that you are not only FFIEC compliant, but able to effectively resume business should your branch be struck by catastrophe? Have you been considering working with a disaster recovery firm? There are many things to consider when choosing a disaster recovery partner. Recovery Solutions owner, Rick Lavin, answers some of the pressing questions prospective clients often ask.

This edition also features a look at the 2017 Severe Weather Outlook and has some tips for selecting an alternative business site. 

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Disaster Recovery Q&A with Rick Lavin
Mobile Banking Facility

With more than 130 combined years of experience in the disaster recovery industry, Recovery Solutions owner Rick Lavin and his team have helped financial institutions plan for and recover from disasters of all kinds.

Rick addresses some of the questions most commonly asked by financial institutions who are considering their services: 

Q: Describe in detail how Recovery Solutions can help us respond to service interruptions due to a disaster. 
 Along with annual testing and documentation, which provide a road map to successful business resumption, our mobile facilities provide a turn-key solution for getting your branch operational as quickly as possible after a disaster. Our mobile units include a sophisticated satellite communication dish network, VoIP satellite based telephone system, Windows File Server(s), PC workstations and various laser & banking printers as well as a diesel generator. This combination of facilities, equipment, and technology allows Recovery Solutions to provide an entirely self-sufficient retail location.

Q: What is included in annual testing?
A: Our annual testing ensures all aspects of critical business functions can be completed in accordance with the FFIEC Business Continuity Guidance. We offer on-site and remote testing options that meet FFIEC requirements, and provide peace of mind knowing you are well prepared for an emergency. Enrolled Recovery Solutions clients have access to our "LiveSite" disaster recovery testing facility to simulate how your institution will recover critical business functions and operate inside a mobile facility in the event of an actual disaster.

Q: How many financial institutions are you currently working with?
A: We currently have 178 financial institution clients, with 329 physical locations in 24 states, enrolled into Recovery Solutions annual service agreements. Those clients receive annual business continuity planning, testing and documentation to prepare their staff for business resumption should disaster strike.

Q: How many modular units do you have available in your fleet? 
A: There are a total of 58 available units in the fleet and 47 of those units are currently available to deploy.

Q: How long does it typically take for a modular unit to be in place after a disaster?
A: Recovery Solutions will dispatch within 12 to 72 hours from notification. We allow up to 72 hours due to potential issues that are out of our control such as flooded roads, debris on the roadways, etc. In cases of extreme devastation, FEMA and National Guard may prohibit entrance into the area until they have completed their search for survivors. We can't control those things, but we do the best we can to get our customers up and running quickly. Typically the mobile unit will be set up and operational within three days after arrival.

Do you have a question for the Recovery Solutions team?  Email your question to our experts and we'll answer you directly!

2017 Severe Weather Outlook

Severe weather events have increased in frequency and magnitude in recent years. Torrential rains and flooding in Missouri, Arkansas, and parts of Illinois earlier this month remind us that even though springtime weather can be mild, it's important to remain diligent year-round.

According to this report from, it appears there may be even more unpredictable weather on the way for the next couple of months. Delayed warm-ups, rain and thunderstorms have many areas in the Midwest and Northeast bracing for flooding, tornadoes and other potential threats. 

If you aren't 100% confident in your disaster recovery plan and backup services, now is the time to contact our planning and testing experts. Our staff is here to help you plan, prepare, and execute business resumption effectively so that no matter what Mother Nature throws your way, your branch will be ready to serve clients with minimal downtime or loss of business.
A Tip from Our Experts: Selecting an Alternate Location
Mobile Bank used for Geneva State Bank
When planning for disaster, it's important to consider where you will resume business should your location be deemed unusable due to destruction from fire, flooding, tornado, or other catastrophic event. 

Often times, a mobile facility can be deployed and set up on-site in a parking lot or nearby area. But in cases where the entire area is devastated, it's important to have a "Plan B" location so your branch can resume business quickly.

A few considerations when evaluating potential alternative business sites:
  • Distance from your current location. If you are located in an area likely to be flooded, selecting a site at a higher elevation or greater distance from waterways is recommended. When evaluating locations, consider convenience to your customers.
  • Proximity to public utilities including water, sewer, electric and phone lines. Renting generators, portable toilets, and using cellular or satellite communications long-term can be costly and inconvenient. Selecting a site with access to public utilities will reduce costs and increase the speed at which you can serve your customers.
  • Have a documented plan for notifying regulatory agencies, customers and vendors about the new/temporary location. Signage, email or text alerts, social media, and other forms of communication should be planned in advance so it can be easily implemented if necessary.

We can help you create a road map to recovery, implement annual disaster recovery testing, and validate restoration abilities. Contact our sales team today to get started.

See Us In Action!

Recovery Solutions annual enrollment and restoration testing will not only ensure that you're FFIEC compliant, but means your staff will have our team of experts to assist you through the process of resuming business should disaster strike. Doug Benjamin, President and CEO of First State Bank of Parkersburg, IA explains how important this was to their success when their town was hit by a devastating tornado.

“Our partnership with Recovery Solutions has allowed our staff access to essential data and functions that we needed in order to remain operational. The bank’s disaster planning process centers on the ability to continue to provide excellent customer service and as a result of Recovery Solutions’ timely and efficient response, I would recommend the company to any bank that needs to put a system in place to operate after a crisis. They stayed with us and ensured that we were completely up and running during the entire process. Without the assistance of everyone at Recovery Solutions, we would not have been able to serve our customers and our community.”

Our team of financial industry experts guides you through the process of building a business continuity plan that's tested and documented. And if our customers are affected by a disaster, we'll be there to ensure they are back up and running in a timely fashion. Call today or email us to schedule a private webinar presentation to learn more about Recovery Solutions services!

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