August 29, 2019
Born in Oceanside, New York, but raised in Costa Rica, Kiana dropped out of school in ninth grade. But she always had an interest in art and expressed herself at a young age by drawing crude comics. She would pore through her engineer father’s sketches, seeking to emulate his skill but not the “rigid lines” and “technical looking graphics.”
Lauren Hale is an expert in the social patterns of sleep and how it contributes to a cycle of inequality in health and well-being. Hale suggests that the results raise concerns about public health and social justice, stating that socioeconomic factors matter for sleep. She is researching what factors affect teenagers for determining how much they sleep and the consequences of their sleep patterns on their physical and mental health.   ​Hale is the founding editor-in-chief of the Sleep Health Journal and has published over 65 peer-reviewed articles.
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