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July| 2022

Ministry to Families and Young People

Rev. Joshua Patty

Regional Minister and President

Most Christians recognize that it is vital to offer faith formation and nurturing for young people.  Helping children and teenagers develop a relationship with God, plus sharing the wisdom of Christian perspectives, allow them to grow and face challenges in healthier ways.

Our regional church lives this priority out through our extensive camp program, plus additional activities and support throughout the year.  And I imagine that your congregation also has ways that nurture young people.  I also know that such ministry is especially challenging these days, partially because it seems that young people face more difficult issues than previous generations.

Here are wonderful resources for families and congregations prepared by Ministries Across Generations.  This is a ministry of Disciples Home Missions that supports Children Worship & Wonder programs and so much more.  I highly recommend their extensive website: www.docfamiliesandchildren.org.  In particular, you might visit the Family Resources page (under the Families tab) and Tough Situations (under the Leaders tab).  This ministry also hosts monthly online conversations about specific topics which are also recorded and available on their YouTube page.

Speaking of families, I thank you for supporting mine.  I am in the midst of paternity leave, which is giving us additional time to focus on bonding and adapting from a household with two children to three.  By and large, everyone is doing well.

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August 4 DMF Day

August 6 Summer Camp Season Ends

August 11-21 Hymn Sing and Children's Time @ Iowa State Fair 

August 25 Regional Operations Council Online

Sept 9-10 Committee on Ministry

Sept 19-21 Senior Adult Retreat

Sept 25-28 Pastor Camp

Sept 30-Oct 2 UMW Fall Women's Retreat

Oct. 15 All Congregational Gathering

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Where in the Upper Midwest is Josh?

Josh is on paternity leave and will resume visits in August.  He is currently working part-time from home.

General Assembly 2023

News Around the Region

Pastor Camp 2022

Join colleagues and friends for a special church camp experience September 26-28 at the Christian Conference Center. Wake up with energizers and a keynote, enjoy conversations in small groups, create and share meaningful worship, rest, enjoy time together on Holy Ground, and end the day sitting around the campfire.

Tiff and Josh will serve as your directors. Camp starts at 2 pm on September 26 and concludes at 11 am on September 28. Registration includes meals, cabin lodging (yes, bring your own bedding!), and a special Pastors Camp t-shirt. Camp cost is $150.

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New Format for the Yearbook

The 2022 Yearbook and Directory of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) will be unlike any Yearbook we’ve published before. It won’t be a book!

Beginning this year, the Yearbook will be completely online and available through your ALEX subscription. Just $45 provides access to:

  • a searchable Minister Directory, updated nightly, and a PDF snapshot of the directory (coming soon).
  • the Statistical Report of Congregations with 2021 reported data for all affiliated congregations (coming soon).
  • a searchable list of past Yearbook entries for all congregations with the ability to download results to Excel.
  • the ability to generate top results lists for Disciples Outreach, Total Giving, Baptisms, Disciples Women, and Participating Membership;
  • these lists can be filtered by membership range and by region.
  • two-year comparison by region of financial and participation data.
  • the Print Archive, with access to previous Yearbooks.
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Covenant Conversations

Three years ago, the General Board of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) began a process to rethink and reinvent how we engage in conversation and decision-making as a whole body of faith.  This process was named the Covenant Project.  Before the ideas they've gathered are heard at the next General Assembly, they need your feedback.   

from the Covenant Project's webpage:

"The future of the church is more connected. The future of the church is in deeper conversation. The future of the church is a future with deeper covenant. The Covenant Project is the work of changing structures to be more just and relationships across the church to be more connected."

Pastors, chaplains, elders, church boards, regional boards, and congregation members are invited to participate in digital town hall meetings.  There are dates from now through September available for you to join in.  

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2022-2023 Class Offerings

Bible I and II will be taught beginning this fall with Dr. John Bolen as instructor. The School of Ministry course offerings are taught online on Monday evenings. Bible I will begin in September. 

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Disciples Mission Fund (DMF) funds most of our shared regional and general ministries, including church camp, global missions, support for congregations seeking ministers, and much more.  On DMF Day, you are invited to learn more about some of these ministries and make a gift to support them.  Learn more here. 

News Around the Denomination

Week of Compassion is excited to be part of the launch of a new tool for networking congregations for disaster preparedness and response: Willing to Respond!

As a registry of willing congregations and a library of vetted resources, this tool will help them connect with you and introduce you to other congregations and organizations in your area. It also provides your congregation with trainings, tips, and tools to reduce your risk and be ready to help your neighbors when disaster strikes.

Click the link above or email

Caroline Hamilton-Arnold for more information.

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New General Ministry Leaders

Two general ministries have called new leaders recently.  Rev. Dr. Chris Dorsey will serve as President and CEO of Disciples Home MissionsDr. Joel Brown will serve as President of the Disciples of Christ Historical Society.

Our young people have been through a lot of compound grief in the last several years. Between school shootings and other forms of mass gun violence, racial injustice, and the climate crisis, youth are feeling the stresses of our society on top of a global pandemic that has killed over 6 million people. How do you minister to them during this time? In this webinar, New Church Ministry will explore tangible ways we can minister to our young people and help them navigate the grief they are experiencing.

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Over four months, Disciples have given $1.7 million dollars to support people affected by the war in Ukraine.  Week of Compassion has shared an update on their many efforts with partners in the region.  Learn more. 

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