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Unlock Your Home’s Energy Potential – Enjoy Limited-Time SunShares Savings

We’re excited to partner with Bay Area SunShares for a fourth time, bringing you exclusive discounts on solar and battery storage offerings. SunShares simplifies the solar contracting process by pre-vetting trusted installers and combining residents’ buying power to pass discounts to you. They host informational webinars and guide you along the way to free, no-obligation solar and storage proposals. You can stack the SunShares discount with the 30% Federal Solar Tax Credit for even more savings.

Already have solar panels? SunShares and the Inflation Reduction Act’s 30% federal tax credit can help you take your home resiliency to the next level and maximize your solar investment. Backup power provides an important line of defense from outages. Batteries paired with solar panels can reduce energy costs by storing solar energy from your panels during the day and using it in the evening, when electricity costs more and is typically less clean. Using a battery charged by the sun's energy will also reduce our reliance on fossil fuels.


Drive on Solar Energy

Do incentives to drive electric and high gas prices have you considering an electric vehicle (EV)? Many local drivers are making the switch – 43% of new car sales registered in Santa Clara County this year are zero emission vehicles. Customers with battery storage can charge their EVs during off-peak hours to save even more on fuel costs.

To help our customers make informed decisions, we’re partnering with Ride and Drive Clean to host informational webinars that cover the benefits of EVs, EV charging, the total cost of ownership, and more. Our first webinar is coming up on September 27 at 6 p.m. Register now.

Keep your eyes peeled for more EV webinars, including an EV 102 webinar for new EV drivers to unleash the full potential of their new ride.


Wondering What’s Going on With NEM 3.0? 

Originally called NEM 3.0 or Net Billing Tariff, PG&E’s new Solar Billing Plan credits customers for electricity they export based on its value to the grid. The California Public Utilities Commission changed net energy metering rules in December 2022 and PG&E will implement the new billing plan in December 2023. If you applied for interconnection after April 14, 2023, then the new rules will affect you.

So far, we know that adding a battery to your new solar system could help reduce your payback period since exporting stored energy in the evening will be worth more to the grid. Now is your time to take advantage of the SunShares discounts and 30% federal tax credit for battery storage.

We are still evaluating the design of our Solar Billing Plan to ensure an easy and equitable transition to the new billing method. As a reminder, PG&E and San José Clean Energy partner to provide your electricity service. We handle electric generation and PG&E handles transmission and delivery. Any energy not produced by your solar panels comes from us.

Stay tuned for updates headed to City Council in December 2023.

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