Gear Up to Learn about
Test-Driven Development
Join us at an upcoming Portland event on Monday, March 16 at 6PM, with guest speaker James Shore .

An invited speaker for PNSQC 2019, James is an agile technical coach with a focus on real-world engineering. He is co-founder with Diana Larsen of the Agile Fluency Project.  

James will present "Secrets of Test-Driven Development" — diving into what it is, how it works, and why it works. This introductory session covers why TDD is important and how this technical practice allows us to effectively maintain a constantly changing code base.
This event will be hosted by PDX Veterans in Technology with networking and food sponsored by PNSQC.
Answer the Call for 2020
The 2020 conference Call for Abstracts is open through April 15th.

There are many great benefits to presenting at PNSQC.  You will:

  • Speak at one of the top software quality conferences in the nation
  • Promote yourself and your skills
  • Work with colleagues on your professional level technical paper
  • Gain invaluable public speaking skills in a supportive environment
  • Receive free admission to the conference
  • Network with your fellow speakers and learn from them.

There's more! If you’re interested in presenting at PNSQC, but are unsure of what topic to choose, you’re in luck ...
Clarifying Your Vision for Quality
The PNSQC 2020 Program Committee is sharing their Wish List of conference topics that they hope prospective speakers will cover in their submissions.

And they had so many great subjects that there will be a follow-up Part 2 post as well.

Check out the ideas, brainstorm ideas of your own, and get inspired to write your talk proposal.
PNSQC Appreciation
“I am a manager and I was looking for things that would help me build a better team and build a culture of quality at my own organization and I feel like I successfully did that. I thought the speakers were fantastic, the invited keynotes were just really engaging and great.”
Mary Slatner , 2019 attendee