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November 2014



I am often asked about adding a separate dwelling unit (cottage or parents quarters) to a property. There are a number of issues that must be analyzed before moving forward.


The first main Palm Beach County rule is that it can be no larger than 800 s.f. if the property is less than 1 acre or no larger than 1000 s.f. if the property is over 1 acre in size.  This is according to the Unified Land Development Code.


The second rule is there can be no kitchen in the secondary dwelling unit.  A kitchen is defined as a room having a range.  So, a refrigerator, dishwasher, and sink are acceptable.


This is why most people go with making the new structure attached to the existing house.  With this route, there are few restrictions to the size of the addition but a second kitchen is still prohibited.


While most additions share one or more common walls, they do not have to.  It is acceptable to have the two structures attached by a roofed breezeway with a door on each building at either end.


These issues are just the start of what must be sorted out when adding additional space to a house.  Since it is a veritable minefield of regulations that must be navigated, it is best to leave this type of work up to the professionals at Leading Edge Homes. 


We have been successfully completing attached and detached additions for over 23 years and have excellent relationships with all of the municipalities in the area.  Call us now at 561-795-2551 to get the process started on your room addition.







Todd Perry
Leading Edge Homes, Inc.


Five Hot Home Remodeling

Trends Going Into 2015


Are you planning a major home improvement project for 2015?  If you are, you're definitely not alone.  The remodeling industry has experienced two straight years of solid growth.  With renewed and longer term confidence in the economy, homeowners are spending money on more cosmetic enhancements instead of just repairs.  According to an Angie's List survey, people are looking to increase efficiency and take advantage of existing space.


1. Opening up the kitchen

One of the hottest trends in home remodeling is removing a wall between the kitchen and an adjoining room.  The project appeals to homeowners because it instantly creates more space and dramatically changes the look and feel of the home.

Homeowners are increasingly removing walls to open the kitchen and make it a more central part of the home. (Photo courtesy of Angie's List member Eileen L. of Springfield, Va.)  Families see the kitchen not just as a space for cooking, but for eating, schoolwork and socializing as well.  Having flow from room to room is an appealing kind of concept.
2. Installing hardwood flooring in the kitchen

The popularity of open kitchens sparked a new flooring trend.  Many people are doing hardwood floors in their kitchens now instead of tile.  They want to have some continuity when they open up that wall from the living room, which might already have hardwood.  They want to continue that flow there to make it one big room.  Although hardwood usually costs more than other flooring options, it offers durability and a cozy, timeless look that never goes out of style.

3. Customizing the home

Homeowners are making targeted improvements to ensure the home is a good fit for their lifestyle and family size. They are becoming more and more comfortable in smaller houses, whether they're building or moving into existing ones.  They're then customizing the spaces with remodeling to suit their needs and wants.  Making use of every room in the house is important now.  Homeowners are turning unused rooms into offices, dens, hobby rooms and children's play rooms.


building a man cave

This garage was turned into a Harley Davidson-themed man cave. (Photo courtesy of Angie's List member Shirley Z. of New Kinsington, Pa.)  There has been an increase in requests for custom charging stations for smartphones and laptops. They are often added to existing cabinets to keep gadgets out of sight, or install electrical outlets with built-in USB charging ports.
4. Separating the shower and tub
The days when the shower-tub combo reigned supreme are long gone.  The latest trend is to ditch the tub altogether, or to keep it separate from the shower.  Standup showers are very popular now.  People don't like the combination tub and shower unit anymore.  They want the shower separate, tiled in and often with the a glass door on it, and if there is no room for a tub, so be it.
5. Going greener
Green home improvements have been trendy for years, but homeowners continue to strive to improve the efficiency of their homes - from installing home automation systems that prevent energy waste to replacing outdated light bulbs and shower heads.  LED lighting, which was really prohibitively expensive when first introduced to the market, is really affordable now.  People are using it for under cabinet lights as well as in their recessed "hi-hat" lights.  Technological advances have also allowed use of LED lights outdoors.


Another hot green request is for efficient windows and doors.  Low-E insulated glass for windows and French doors have become virtually mandatory under the new Florida Energyy Efficiency Code.  Fiberglass doors are significantly more energy efficient than old wooden ones and are even available impact resistant for hurricane protection.

Color Choices When Remodeling

A psychologist client of mine gave me the information for this article.  He thought you might find this interesting.  I know I do.


Many studies have shown that colors effect our moods, behavior, and experience.  You may want to consider the general effects evoked when choosing colors for cabinetry, countertops, walls, flooring or upholstery.

Basic overall home color recommendations when remodeling for various rooms are as follows.  

  • Use warm colors at a home's entrance and living room
  • You may find it most comforting to paint the kitchen the colors of the kitchen from your childhood to associate fond memories with the present
  • Bathrooms are best white and bright. If you want to go with more color for a spa like bathroom, don't paint it a color you would never wear because you won't look your best.
  • For an exercise room, if you are into weight lifting, red is a good color because studies show people lift more weight in a red room. If red is too bold for you, use cooler colors to offset feeling hot while working out.
  • Green is an excellent choice for a home office, because it is a color of concentration and one of the best colors to be surrounded by for a long period of time. 

Here are some ideas of what specific colors can do:


Nature uses red as an accent of flowers and berries so it can be used as an accent in your home the same way.  It is a powerful color that is stimulating, exciting, and grabs attention.  Be careful because it can evoke fight or flight survival stress so it is not a good bedroom color.  Red and orange have been known to stimulate the appetite.  It may be a good color for a dining room so guests tend to enjoy your cooking even more.



Think sunshine and smiley faces.  It helps release serotonin, the chemical that brings about a happy mood.  It suggests optimism, friendliness, and extroversion.  Yellow can lift spirits and help with alertness and memory, but too much can give rise to fear and anxiety.  It is considered a wake up color, so it may not be a good bedroom color, though I love it in the kitchen.




The color of water and sky which is soothing and calming.  It can help with creativity, concentration and feelings of loyalty and trust.  Though it is a color considered to help facilitate communication, it can be perceived as cold and unfriendly.  Diners in a blue room eat three times less calories than in rooms painted with yellow or red.




It is bright, relaxing and neutral.  It suggests cleanliness.  Best offset by other vibrant colors otherwise it can be boring.  It is a good choice if furniture coloring is dark to brighten up a room.

It is all about new growth and renewal.  It represents nature and is considered healing, harmonizing and peaceful.  It alleviates stress and is said to improve vision.  It can be a good balancing color that can be used in most rooms.



This color suggests royalty, luxury, and sophistication.  It can evoke spirituality and wanting to do our best.  Pale violet or indigo is a good choice for a bedroom as it can be a sedative.



It is considered a neutral color that can evoke the want to hibernate.  It can help dampen stronger colors, but if dominant, can be dreary or depressing.



Think warmth and earthy.  Brown suggests reliability and support.

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