Extraordinary times call for special resources.
These are definitely extraordinary times, and Covid-19 is challenging us all to live and work differently. And while we are hopeful for things to restart, we understand that the way we look at the world will never be quite the same.

The new normal may give us a chance to take a breath, learn a new skill, hone our priorities, explore new goals, and reshape our futures. We have curated several titles from our publishers that can help with that.

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Resources in Management
The Unashamed Guide to Virtual Management
Ben Bisbee & Kathy Wisniewski

What happens when a virtual manager needs actual day-to-day support around issues such as handling office romance and doing laundry on the job, as well as more traditional issues like onboarding, performance reviews, and scheduling? Using short chapters and writing in a fun, whimsical, and straightforward way, virtual management experts Ben Bisbee and Kathy Wisniewski address the unanswered and critical questions of how to manage virtual teams to achieve maximum results with advice on more than 30 topics to handle unexpected situations.

ATD, October 2019, 248 pages
Extinguish Burnout
A Practical Guide to Prevention and Recovery
Rob & Terrie Bogue

Who hasn’t suffered at one time or another from exhaustion, cynicism, and a lack of effectiveness? Combine them over time with external and internal stresses, and you’re flirting with disaster of catastrophic magnitude—burnout. Based on extensive research and full of real-world stories and examples, workplace culture experts Rob and Terri Bogue take a deep dive into the signs, sources, and solutions of burnout and deliver an essential resource that helps anyone identify, prevent, and recover from burnout and embark on the journey to thriving.

SHRM, June 2019, 224 pages
Resources for Education
Tasks Before Apps
Designing Rigorous Learning in the Tech-Rich Classroom
Monica Burns
Tec hnology educator Monica Burns shares strategies, tools, and insights that teachers can use to effectively incorporate technology into learning. By focusing on the three "Cs" of technology implementation —creation, curiosity, and collaboration—she offers detailed guidance on tech-infused lessons that help students meet learning goals; customizable checklists and graphic organizers for planning tech-enabled activities; advice for choosing appropriate programs, devices, and platforms; setting unit and lesson goals; and recommendations and links to apps and online resources that can facilitate and energize learning.

ASCD, October 2017, 108 pages
Digital Portfolios in the Classroom
Showcasing and Assessing Student Work
Matt Renwick
One of the many challenges of virtual learning is how students can show that they are actually learning. Author and seasoned principal Matt Renwick provides teachers with a comprehensive approach to using digital student portfolios an innovative way for students to personalize how they engage in and show evidence of their learning. He provides strategies and guidance for educators on what tools to use, how to plan instruction and assessment with portfolios in mind, how to give feedback on student work, and how to use portfolios with students to inform learning.

ASCD, August 2017, 165 pages

Resources for Personal Development and Lifestyle
The Mental Toughness Handbook
A Step-by-Step Guide to Facing Life’s Challenges, Managing Negative Emotions, and Overcoming Adversity with Courage and Poise!
Damon Zahariades
When life feels overwhelming, it's tempting to give up. But you can resist and bravely face mishaps and obstacles—and in the process experience more joy and success in every area of your life. The secret is learning how to become mentally tough. This handbook offers a practical training program for developing grit and resilience in the face of adversity. It's a crash course complete with exercises designed to strengthen your mind and fortify your resolve. Life is full of setbacks. This book will show you how to bounce back, stand firm, and boldly weather the storm.

Art of Productivity, April 2020, 150 pages
The Courage Map
13 Principles for Living Boldly

Franziska Iseli
Why do some people make brave decisions that lead to exciting, rewarding, and impactful lives while others watch from the sidelines? in this book, by international author, speaker, and entrepreneur Franziska Iseli, readers learn to tap into their inner courage and use it to chart a course to a better future and a better world. With exercises, tools, and journaling prompts to help along the way, Iseli guides readers to face their fears, stand in their truth, embrace life to the fullest, and expand the boundaries of their courage maps. Foreword by Sir Richard Branson.

TCK Publishing, September 2019, 160 pages
Mindful Parenting Habits
26 Practices for Raising Your Child with More Presence and Less Stress (from Infancy to Kindergarten)
Barrie Davenport & SJ Scott

Today's generation of kids (and parents) are more stressed and anxious than ever before, which has only been compounded by the measures we have all had to take due to the virus. That's why applying mindfulness to parenting efforts is an essential part of raising happier, healthier, and less stressed kids. In this fascinating new book, Wall Street Journal bestselling authors Davenport and Scott deliver practical strategies to help parents pause, consider the kind of parents they want to be, and learn simple strategies to foster a calm, loving, and low-stress environment for their families.

OldTown Publishing, January 2020, 248 pages
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