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C.E.'s New Podcast
Our world has been forced to hit 'pause' on normal routines and expectations. There has never been a more crucial time for Christians to consider how to help the next generation follow Christ in a broken, chaotic and distraction-filled world. C.E.'s new podcast, "Unleash the Hive," offers intentional insights in 7 minutes or less!

"Finding Peace and Purpose in the Midst of COVID-19" drops today!
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Thrive in Crisis
Listen to Dr. Dave's message.
The C.E. Osterkonferenz held in Gunzenhausen, Bavaria, Germany reaches over 4000 people annually. Due to COVID-19 the event was cancelled. The event coordinator said they would love to have a message from the General Secretary to share remotely. Dr. Dave’s message entitled “Thrive in Crisis” studied Acts 5:12-16. The message was broadcast in several different countries with captions in German and Spanish.
C.E. and Summer Assembly
Scott & Rebecca Pollock
"Here is my take away from the 2019 Summer Assembly: Christian Endeavor still works. As a result of the devoted work of the countless women and men who have served and currently serve, the fruit is evident. Through the intentional work of Godly women and men, students encounter God’s Word, face to face; and through the power of the Holy Spirit, they respond to God's Word."
C.E. has created resources to meet the specific need of helping pastors and church leaders make their online gatherings engaging, meaningful and intentional.

We're so thrilled by the meaningful and creative steps churches are taking and we continue to hold local and global church leaders up in prayer.
Our golf tournament will now be Thursday, October 15, 2020. Thank you for making the change in your calendar and we look forward to seeing you on the golf course in the fall!
Youth Today - Issue 2, May 2020