May 2020
Dear NEHEP Partners, 

We know these are challenging and uncertain times — and we hope you’re staying safe and healthy. 

We’re using this Eye Health Connection Newsletter to share COVID-19 resources, spread the word about opportunities to stay connected, and shine a spotlight on our partners. Take a moment to explore this month’s highlights.

Maria Zacharias 
Director of Communications
National Eye Institute
Take a positivity break — discover what vision means to your peers 
We’re grateful to have partners who care as much about vision and eye health as we do! During the 2019 NEHEP Partnership Summit, we asked our colleagues what vision means to them. Take a break from the news and see what your peers had to say in these short, inspiring videos. 
See how our partners are creating opportunities for the low vision community
We’re celebrating the members of the Florida Agencies Serving the Blind for creating opportunities for people with low vision during COVID-19, like remote learning for students. They’re also supporting new jobs for people who are visually impaired, including jobs that help meet community needs. 
Explore AAO’s COVID-19 and Eye Care Toolkit
The American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) created a new online toolkit for ophthalmologists, practice managers, patients, and the public. It features the latest COVID-19 news and resources to help ophthalmologists and their patients stay healthy and safe. 
Check out Lighthouse Guild’s free Tele-Support group for people with vision loss 
Lighthouse Guild’s new Tele-Support group helps adults living with vision loss connect with others from the comfort and safety of their homes. A licensed professional will lead conversations on coping with vision loss, finding solutions to challenges, and more. 
Calendar of Events
Virtual EYE2EYE Series 
Stay connected and informed with the Vision Expo’s Virtual EYE2EYE Series — a variety of virtual panels and interactive conversations. Sessions include conversations about addressing current COVID-19 challenges in the vision community and more. Watch recorded sessions or tune in live on Wednesdays and Fridays.
Other Events
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