Newsletter #2 - May 2018
Message from the Project Coordinator


Piet Seuntjens (VITO)

I am pleased to present you the second issue of the WaterProtect newsletter. In this issue we update you on the progress of our Horizon 2020 project.
The specific scope of WaterProtect is to work together with actors in action labs to ensure adoption of management and mitigation strategies as to reduce the loads of nutrients and pesticides to the groundwater and surface water. 

I am proud to see that the action labs are getting up to speed and produce the first concrete results. The first participatory pesticide and nutrient monitoring programmes are being established and data in the action labs are harmonized. 

All action labs intimately work together with farmers in a multi actor setting and I am happy to see the positive reactions by the farmers to get engaged in the project. 
Surely this is the result of careful preparation and management of the interaction events by our action lab leaders. 
I believe that we are succeeding in bringing knowledge closer to the actors through the governance process and collaborative apps
I hope we can further continue this transparent, trustful and coherent path in the coming months and learn from each other’s experiences. 

I wish you a pleasant reading!

Piet Seuntjens

Scroll down to discover the activities and progress that has been made in our action labs. 
Action Lab Spain
Events to promote techniques to improve the efficiency of plant protection product applications and reduce fertilizer applications
CPABLL, one of the partners of the Spanish action lab, recently organized two events for farmers and interested people to promote mitigation measures and best management practices to protect drinking water resources. Read more.

Action lab Italy
Local farmers and stakeholders give a warm welcome to WaterProtect
In the Italian Actionlab Val Tidone, a community with a unique landscape and an old viticultural tradition, the WaterProtect project was enthousiasticaly welcomed, both by the local famers and the stakeholders in the region.

During the fall of 2017 there were several meetings where WaterProtect was presented to the farmers and local stakeholders. Action Lab leader Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (UCSC) took the opportunity of the grape-growers meetings at the wineries Cantina Sociale Vicobarone and Santa Giustina and the farmers’ association premises, to present WaterProtect to the farmers and local stakeholders. Read more.
Action Lab Ireland
...meets with Horizon 2020 Project Fairway
Mid-February the partners of the Irish Action Lab held a productive joint meeting with the Irish partners of the twin Horizon 2020 project Fairway in the Teagasc Ashtown Centre in Dublin.  Read more.
Action lab Belgium
Second farmers' meeting in Bollaertbeek

At the end of February the Belgian Action Lab held its second farmers’ meeting. This meeting was combined with a phytolicense training, which guaranteed a large attendance of farmers active within the Action Lab.
Action lab Romania
Survey about good agricutlural practices for the water in the area
'Field trip in Breb village, heart of Maramures action lab area, Romania (February 2018); The Romanian project team is surveying the willingness of farmers to apply good agricultural practices that contribute to better water quality in the area. Learn more.

Action lab Poland
Establishing a water quality monitoring network and raising awareness to protect drinking water resources

In the Poland Action Lab there has been a lot of activity since the start of the project. Meetings with local stakeholders and authorities as well as farmers’ meetings have been organized. At the same time, efforts have been made to establish the monitoring of water quality (both surface and groundwater) - an essential part of the project. Continue your reading.
Action lab Denmark
High-end stakeholder meeting
The Danish Actionlab leader Geus organised a succesful ‘high-end’ stakeholder meeting at the end of February.
WaterProtect has received funding from the
European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under grant agreement No. 727450.

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