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Welcome to 2022! Unsurprisingly, it feels a lot like 2021. A heartfelt “thank you” to all of you and your health center co-workers who soldier on during this pandemic. The work you’re doing is so important to the communities you serve, especially during this ongoing pandemic.

Discover the DPA’s Cost Saving and Contracting Benefits for Health Centers!

The Delta Purchasing Alliance (DPA) improves GPO contracts for health centers, securing greater savings and significantly enhancing GPO membership. Owned and operated by health centers, the DPA is the only health center purchasing alliance. DPA members today save an average of 15% on top of standard GPO discounts. Watch this short video to learn more!

Find out more DPA Savings!

The DPA was created in 2016 by an HCCN and Community Health Ventures, NACHC’s business development affiliate. Because of its success in controlling cost for health centers, DPA members are opening the program to new FQHCs, including your organization. The DPA enhances pricing for:

  • Medical supplies

  • Equipment

  • Dental supplies

  • Office supplies

  • Translation and interpretation services

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Want to learn more about how ViP can help save you money? To learn more about this special offer or to enroll in ViP, please contact: Rodrigo Peredo -, Alex Vactor - or Bob Piacine -


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