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August 2019
Celebrate The Everyday… We add a sense of ceremony to each cup of coffee served, infusing extraordinary breakfasts with a hint of elegance is a gift we give to start your day…
The Clark Museum
Last week’s guest followed the Stone Valley & the Shires of Vermont Byways to the Clark Museum to see the highly acclaimed Renoir Exhibition; Renoir: The Body, The Senses, on view through September 22. "The exhibition was facinating!"
We spent a half day at the Vermont Institute of Natural Sciences, featuring state-of-the-art raptor enclosures, live raptor demonstrations and feedings. We are looking forward to the new Forest Canopy Walk exhibit this fall!
Killington, Vermont
Our guests explored “Killington Mountain”. Since there’s so much to experience in the area we’re creating an “eighth” Day Trip Itinerary! Don’t miss Table 24 in Rutland; our guests dined there three times during their recent stay!
The Next Chapter of Extraordinary Experiences
Kay's Dutch Baby Pancake
Our guests enjoyed July 4 th breakfast… “Egg”, White and Blue – “Dutch Baby Pancake” or “German Pancake” is always baked in the oven, rather than on a traditional griddle and is generally thicker than most pancakes.
President Calvin Coolidge State Historic Site
The Carrie Brown Coolidge Garden established c.1900 by Calvin’s stepmother is in its full summer glory! The Coolidge site spans over 600 acres is considered one of the best-preserved presidential sites in the country with 25 well-preserved historic structures! Plymouth Old Home Day is this Saturday, August 3 . We're Going!
Spring Brook Farm • Reading, Vermont 
When’s the last time you had Raclette? Tour Spring Brook Farm and find out how this international award-winning Vermont cheese producer that specializes in French Alpine-Style Cheeses won 11 national and international titles last year! A fascinating look into Vermont cheese making. Here’s their Ashbrook Grilled Cheese recipe!
Discover The Convenience of the Perfect Location… 
Another Absolutely Stunning Aerial Drone View from Our Cottage!
Everyone always asks, What's on top of the mountain?" Our guest, David Warren answers the question with this incredible photograph – altitude of about 2,100 feet!!
Your Adventure Awaits at Fort Ticonderoga – We Had an Amazing Day! 
Take in the stunning views upon arrival and be sure to capture the beautiful morning view of Lake Champlain, the Green Mountains of Vermont, and Mount Defiance. Explore the largest 18th-century artillery collection in North America that line the outer walls of the fort. 

Board Fort Ticonderoga’s very own Carillon Cruise Boat docked on Lake Champlain, down by the King’s Garden. The 90 minute cruise will offer incredible scenic beauty and a unique historic perspective that you’ll never forget. And, there is so much more!!
  If You Missed "Dig" at the Dorset Theatre Festival... There's Still More!
There's two more productions – Mrs. Christie and Slow Food ! And, there's four more productions at the Weston Playhouse – check below for more details.
 Another Incredible Evening at Dancing Ewe Farm 
Expectations are high at Dancing Ewe Farm and Luisa & Jody continue to exceed every expectation – the food is always extraordinary! Our incredible farm-to-table dining experience two weeks ago included a thirty-minute sheepdog demonstration. Click on the photo above to see Kay’s captivating video – it feels like you’re in the flock! And, we’re going back with another group again Saturday night!
Harvesting Meat Birds Sounds Far More Innocuous... 
A day in the Vermont life of three retired surgeons and Kay. These pasture raised birds roam freely and have access to plenty of fresh Vermont air and sunshine and are fed 100% certified organic feed. Our birds are incredibly delicious and raised and cared for humanely. It’s very comforting knowing where our food comes from.
Experience New York's Legendary Canals... Lock #11 on the Champlain Canal
Out for a mid-week summer drive we stumbled upon Lock #11. We met Mark, who was incredibly gracious to show us around the grounds and answer our many questions. We were fortunate to have a small pleasure boat pass though during our visit. It takes five minutes and 550,000 gallons of water to raise and lower the water level. The Champlain Canal extends 62.6 miles and twelve locks to connect the Hudson River to Lake Champlain. (More About The Erie Canal 340.7 miles)
All the Water on Planet Earth 
How much of the planet Earth is made of water? Very little! Although the oceans cover about 70% of the Earth’s surface, the oceans are shallow compared to the Earth’s surface. The illustration shows what would happen if all of the water on or near the surface of the Earth were bunched up into a ball. The radius of this ball would be only about 700 kilometers, less than half the radius of the Moon! Illustration Credit: Jack Cook, Adam Nieman, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Howard Perlman, USGS.
 A Late Afternoon Drive Through Manchester, Vermont...
“When I travel to Vermont I like to absorb everything… the different flavors, New England traditions, and the stunning Vermont landscapes…” 
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