Dear Readers,

With kids being back in school and most of us still working from home, have you realized that it's time for something more professional than a corner of the dining table? Typically, the perfect place in your home for an office doesn't always jump out immediately. The dream would be to have a fully flushed out room with gorgeous built-ins for all of your important documents, a centerstanding desk with the cords somehow perfectly hidden, and the desk styled and organized to perfection with a comfy yet chic chair. While you might not have a full room for an office, or the room you have has an odd layout and the desk never seems to make sense -- the beauty of a home office is the ability to get funky with it to match your needs! Click my signature below for 10 Tips on Embracing Your Creativity and Transforming Your Dull, Uninspiring Office into a Personal and Productive Work Space!