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We welcome you to explore the significant accomplishments and milestones achieved during the past year at the University of Illinois School of Social Work. These stories help showcase the unwavering dedication of our faculty, staff, and students to uphold the School's mission of promoting social, racial, and economic justice through our innovative academic programming, groundbreaking research, and community-engaged initiatives. We are proud to share the many ways in which the University of Illinois School of Social Work has led the way in shaping the future of the social work profession and advancing our commitment to transformative change.

Message from Dean

Benjamin Lough

This past year, we have made much progress under the decisive leadership of Dean Anderson. Importantly, we have taken steps to infuse our curriculum and community with a renewed commitment to diversity, equity, and racial justice.

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Providing Hope—and Health—for Children

The Journey of Hope has long helped children develop resilience in the face of natural disasters. Now, it is being adapted in a study to test its efficacy for those facing the challenges brought on by both natural disasters and COVID-19.

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Promoting Social Change Through Public Engagement

Kevin Tan is working with multiple communities to promote social-emotional learning and diversity, equity, and inclusion in K-12 schools. Recently, he was rewarded for his efforts.

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Helping Foster Youths Find a Better Future

The School of Social Work is taking part in a study designed to support youths aging out of foster care and educate them about their post-secondary education options.

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Fulbright Scholar's Taiwanese University Collaboration

Research in social safety nets for low-income single-mother families will help guide policymakers in Taiwan and benefit mothers and children.

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Against All Odds

Leyda Garcia-Greenawalt's journey has been shaped by her experiences within the foster care system. Now in her third year at Loyola University Chicago's law school, she helps support fellow foster children who are following in her footsteps.

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Providing Help for Victims of Violence and Crime

The Violence Prevention Research Lab is dedicated to helping victims of violence and other forms of crime. Their latest study reveals the need for more comprehensive training across all systems of care in Illinois.

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The Healing Project

Dora Watkins is on a mission to give a voice to those who have been traditionally silenced, especially Black women and other Women of Color. Through her program, she strives to empower these communities and start the collective healing process.

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The Ripple Effect of a Single Donation

A donation has helped to fuel numerous projects through the Community Learning Lab, benefiting both community partners

and Social Work students.

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Guaranteed Income: Helping the Housing Insecure and Homeless

A Social Work professor has created and is running a program to aid families with school-age children who are housing insecure or homeless.

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The Sky’s the Limit for MSW Student

Maria Vasquez is excitedly entering the MSW program from the BSW program with the help of a master’s graduate fellowship and as a McNair Scholar. She looks forward to becoming a hospital social worker.

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PATH: Offering Hope to Families and Help to Providers

PATH conducts trainings that support improved family functioning and equips providers to offer the support and services that children with complex behavioral health issues need.

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CPRD: Deep Roots of Public Engagement

With its focus on public engagement, the Center for Prevention Research and Development conducts research and evaluates data that result in improving lives and communities.

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CFRC: Taking On Racial Disproportionality in the Child Welfare System

The Children and Family Research Center is working to understand the complex issues surrounding the overrepresentation of Black children in the state’s child welfare system—and provide the data and analyses that can help the state improve the outcomes for Black children.

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SSW Office of Student Affairs: Supporting Students for Success

The School of Social Work offers an array of services to undergraduate and graduate students that help keep them healthy and on track to graduation.

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Fostering Futures: Empowering Students Through The Village Project

Sharva Hampton-Campbell has created a dynamic program that is geared to meeting the needs of students who have gone through the foster care system.

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