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I hope you enjoy our August Newsletter, which is filled with insights on how African women entrepreneurs and business leaders are navigating their day-to-day, including some top tips from a successful CEO on doing business in Tanzania, an article that unpacks where to proactively find opportunities in Africa amidst the crisis, and how an expat from Ghana gives back to her African community by serving as a Mentor in our program.

Despite the unprecedented impact of COVID-19, our Fellows are already identifying ways to adapt and diversify their businesses to get through the pandemic and beyond. I hope you are as inspired as I was to hear how Alumna Nonyelum Arinze pivoted to monetize her passion after being forced to shut down her school.

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A Successful CEO’s Guide to Operating a Business in Tanzania
AWEC’s programs empower African women entrepreneurs to build resilient African businesses that can venture and expand into new territories. Empower founder and Managing Director, Miranda Naiman, shares her tips for doing business in Tanzania.
An Opportunity for Innovative Thinking During a Time of Crisis
The COVID-19 pandemic hit small businesses in Africa with extensive socio-economic impact. So much so that it forced millions of businesses to shut down. AWEC Alumna Nonyelum Arinze, shares her story of how she went from pain to triumph in the midst of crisis.
Reimagining Africa’s Economy
As countries across Africa start to reopen their economies, leaders in government and business face tough decisions on how best to respond to the continent’s first recession in 25 years.
A Year in the Life of an AWEC Mentor
In business, the line between success and failure is often paper-thin. Entrepreneurs know this instinctively. The more you learn from those who have the knowledge and experience, the better your chances are of staying on the right side of it. AWEC Mentor, Mary Agyemang uncovers the keys to establishing a successful mentor-mentee relationship.
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