Discover Nashville, North Carolina!

The Town of Nashville is located within 40 minutes of Downtown Raleigh along future Interstate 87/US Highway 64 and Interstate 95. This location offers convenient access to the Research Triangle Park region while offering a lower cost of living and operation within the Twin County region. 

Nashville Business Center

The Nashville Business Center is located on future Interstate 87/US Highway 64, immediately adjacent to Exit 458 on the Raleigh/Triangle side of the Town. This location allows for efficient operations for any industry’s transportation along with enabling convenient accessibility for employees’ commute to work throughout the region or a reverse commute for industrial executives that reside within the Raleigh area.

West Nashville Commerce Center

The Cooke Road Site is a multi-acre site is approximately less than five minutes from future Interstate 87/US Highway 64 via two interchanges. Being located on the western side of Nashville allows the opportunity for direct connections to and from the Raleigh/Triangle region. In addition to the West Nashville Commerce Center, this area features smaller sized spec buildings anywhere from 5,000-20,000 sf.
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