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Real Life with Katrina
Written by: Steve Martin Smith
A life with Katrina is like no other.  

She is the extreme of ‘whatever it takes’- always has been and likely always will be. In the mid 90’s, as a stay at home mom with limited resources, she once cut our living room sofa in half while I was at work. "Why?" you ask, because she wanted a couch and a chair with a table in the corner and it was long enough to accomplish that goal. She rebuilt the cut ends and we were all amazed. She also wanted oak finishes throughout...

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At what point do the things you own, own you?
The key to clean. Written by: Katrina Smith
The answer lies somewhere between
“I may need it someday”, “It was a fantastic bargain”, “I paid a lot for it, so I’m keeping it” and lastly “(insert a name here) gave it to me so I have to keep it because I don’t want to hurt their feelings”.   These are the 4 deadly reasons that can often inflict you with a condition I like to call - Stuffular Paralysis.    

This infliction is curable  but will require an action on your part.

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