December 2020
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A Few of Our Favorite Things

When life brings you one challenge after another, you are pushed to focus on what truly matters most.

The December LaneKids newsletter will highlight things that we think are central to keeping us sane in the midst of overwhelming stress: COMFORT, JOY, and COMMUNITY.

Sending you our love and admiration this holiday season.

The Lane Kids Team

Take a moment to watch this video and just breathe...
Comfort in the Kitchen
Create traditional recipes with your children to celebrate Winter Holiday's from around the world and bring comfort as you end 2020.
12 Easy And Kid-Friendly Hanukkah Recipes

Jewish holidays often have foods associated with them, and Hanukkah is no different. Families enjoy...

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Kwanzaa Benne Cakes

Benne cakes originated in West Africa. Benne means sesame seeds, and they are eaten for good luck. Bring some luck to your Kwanzaa celebration by trying these delicious and simple cakes.

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26 Winter and Holiday Recipes for Kids

When kids have time off from school in the winter, they love the break-but then after a day or so, they often complain of boredom. This winter holiday season, why not keep the kids in your household busy by inviting them into the kitchen to help...

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30 DIY New Year's Eve Party Ideas for Kids

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Comfortable Outside
Getting outside, even on a cold rainy day, can elevate our mood and give us something active, free and fun to do as a family.

Check out the great affordable, cold weather gear guide from Tinkergarten below.

For other lower cost options, visit your local resale shop like St. Vincent de Paul or a new go-to for outdoor gear, Eugene Gear Traders.

You can also connect with friends and neighbors to do a clothing swap to get some gently used clothing for your little one.
Tinkergarten's Affordable, Essential Winter Gear Guide

This year more than ever, spending time outside is essential for our overall well-being , even when the temperature dips way down. Meeting up with friends outside is so important, inquiries from our community for lasting, warm and affordable...

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Commit to Finding Joy

  • Play a game with your kids. Take out board games or turn on the Play Station. The PBS Kids website has a lot of surprisingly fun educational video games. Or, encourage your kids to tap into their creativity by creating a board game or carnival game.

  • Dive in to a book series that you AND your kids get obsessed with. The hilarious Dog Man graphic novels from Dav Pilkey, dragon filled fantasy Wings of Fire by Tui T. Sutherland, and the classic Fudge series by Judy Blume will bring your kids joy. Need more ideas? Ask your child's teacher, local librarian or other parents for recommendations!

  • Look back at photos from the last year. Marvel at how much your kids have grown. Laugh at the ridiculous moments captured and trust you'll weather the next challenge.

  • The elusive self-care moment. It's difficult to take time for self-care, but even just a few minutes doing something that you enjoy can fill your bucket and re-energize you.
Give Back to Your Community

United Way of Lane County Holiday Volunteer Opportunities. Donate to sponsor a family in need, or give your time.

30 People to Remember to Thank This Holiday Season. From those that work with your kids, to your co-workers, and people that help you get things done, this list will get you started on your thank you cards!

Make Holiday Cards for the Eugene Mission. Little Hands Can annual holiday card making event is back. Create homemade cards and mail them directly to the Eugene Mission to bring a little love to those spending the night at the Mission on Christmas Eve.
CDC's Guide to Safer Winter Holiday Celebrations

The safest way to celebrate winter holidays is at home with the people who live with you. Travel and gatherings with family and friends who do not live with you can increase your chances of getting or spreading COVID-19 or the flu. Travel may...

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Using Your Voice to Enact Change

Maggie Kuhn, an American activist who spearheaded the Gray Panthers movement to protect the rights of the elderly, is attributed with saying this. Her quote is a great reminder that sometimes advocacy requires a bit of vulnerability. You may be...

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2020 Winter Holiday Resource List

2020 Winter Holiday Resource List including food boxes, holiday meal sites, and holiday gift programs.

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Wondering What to Read?
The Story of Snow: The Science of Winter's Wonder by Mark Cassino, with John Nelson

How do snow crystals form? What shapes can they take? Are no two snow crystals alike? These questions and more are answered in this visually stunning exploration of the science of snow. Perfect for reading on winter days, the book features photos of real snow crystals in their beautiful diversity. Snowflake-catching instructions are also included.
Parent Advisory Council Update
The Early Learning Alliance's Parent Advisory Council is on a break until January. Thank you again to the amazing parents who have joined us!
Upcoming Events and Holidays

December 18, 19, 20

This is a FREE drive-thru Christmas light show starring The Grinch and Cindy-Lou Who LIVE on stage!

View the 10-minute show from the comfort of your car, and tune your radio to listen in!

December 19

Holiday Market is staying safe and staying outside at 8th & Oak Street at the Park Blocks in Downtown Eugene.

The Park Blocks are a beautiful winter wonderland filled with unique, hand crafted jewelry, pottery, leather work, woodwork, and more!

December 20

The perfect way to get together with friends and family during the holiday season – a few miles at the Jingle Bells Run! Come and enjoy the sense of community and holiday spirit (dressing up is absolutely encouraged!). The festivities this year will include a live holiday band and, as always, a visit from Santa Clause!

December 29

Families Connected presents a virtual workshop on Visual Schedules.

Get ideas and templates to make your own.

Use them for home, distance learning, and creating routines.
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