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16 Zone Auto-X / Thunderhill (SVR)
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20-24 Fall Trefffen / St Louis (PCA)
28-1 Rennsport Reunion 7

1 5 Zone Concours (DIA)
14-15 West Coast Club Race / Sonoma (GGR)
22 Zone Concours (RED)

5 Zone Concours (LPR)
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First Sunday each month – Cars & Coffee – Vintage Oaks, Novato
Third Sunday each month 356 Registry Cars & Coffee – Vintage Oaks, Novato
May 20 – Ride to Eden – Francis Ford Coppola Winery
From the Editor
David Bunch
der Riesenbaum Editor

Whew! What a busy month it has been. On April 2nd, Sharon & I helped Dannen Goetze put on the Porsche Corral at SRO Fanatic GT Races at Sonoma Raceway for 75 Porsches. The next weekend Sharon & I spent the weekend at Thunderthill Raceway performing our duties on the GGR Track Team. Sharon doing the "Timing & Scoring" for the PCA Club Races and me as the "Grid Steward". Then the 3rd weekend we spent the weekend up in Sacramento at SVR's CRAB 38. Many "Old time" PCA members attended CRAB 38 and we spent a lot of time catching up. Of course,
April 30th was spent at "Luft 9" with many Redwood members.
Hope you enjoy this month's der Riesenbaum.
If you have an article you'd like to include in a future issue, please email me.
President's Message
Vern Rogers

It's wet outside as I sit down to write this. I thought we
were done with the rain but I was wrong. I’m not sure I can
even spell drought.

Bruno is back!! I picked him up last Friday and he looks fantastic! The term “body in white” is usually not literal, but in this case that is untrue.

I got him back just in time to attend Luft 9 Air|Water at Mare Island this last Sunday. WOW, I have never seen so many Air and Water cooled Porsches in one place. Redwood Region was well represented by Essy Fariab, Kurt Fischer, Don Nohai, Jeff Hall, Tom and Philippa Short, Sharon Neidel, David Bunch, myself, and I’m sure plenty of others I missed. The shots above were taken before any other cars were placed near me.

…and just before the Air|Water day of Luft 9 we had a fabulous event of our own starting at Redwood sponsor AutoSport Detailing and finishing at the oldest Road House in California, the Washoe House which opened in 1859. Find more about this great event in Jeff Hall's article later in this newsletter and info on all the other things our Region and Zone are doing.
My lovely wife Sharon and I attended Sacramento Valley Region’s Crab38 event a couple of weeks ago. Yes, the 38 does represent how many times SVR has done this one. They had to shut down Crab for the pandemic years and were able to resurrect it for 2023 with the help of many, many volunteers. This year’s Crab had tours, a rally, an autocross, a concours, and a big crab dinner. It was centered around the California Automobile Museum near Old Town Sacramento. I had the pleasure of meeting Hank Malter, Redwood's Past President (1970 – the year after we became a PCA region), and National PCA President from 1981-84 at the banquet. Kim Nelson, SVR’s Event Liaison, took on MC duties and created an auto museum trivia contest. Sharon and I competed in the autocross and she entered her Cayman R in the concours. She won her class in AX. A great time was had by all. More info can be found here.

On another very exciting note, we can now officially announce that Redwood Region will be hosting Treffen Wine Country in the Spring of 2024! The primary hotel for this national event is the Sonoma Mission Inn on Highway 12. This will be an excellent way to re-introduce the rest of PCA to our fabulous roads, wineries, restaurants, scenery and other places of interest.

Some of you may know that Treffen started out as Escape. There have been Porsche Escapes to LA, to Albuquerque, to Flagstaff, and the first one ever done was Escape to the Wine Country hosted by none other than the Redwood Region back in 2005.
Initially, Escapes were handled exclusively by the host region, but as time went on
our national organization became more and more involved, eventually renaming the
event Treffen. What has not changed is that Treffens are about relaxing, sightseeing,
and touring. They have no competitive events like autocross, rallies, or concours.
Treffens happen two times per year now, once in the Spring, and once in the Fall.
Typically, they occur on different sides of the country. The one that just finished was at the Barnsley Resort near Adairsville, Georgia: and the one that will happen this Fall will be just outside of St Louis.

Learn more about Treffen Wine Country on their website.
Vice-President's Message
Sharon Neidel

April was an incredible month of activities with PCA. I had an
event every weekend. It started with our Corral at the SRO
Fanatic races then I worked the West Coast Club race at Thunderhill, attended the CRAB weekend then the Devils in
the Details tour & Luft 9. Somewhere in there I managed to fit
in a Rennsport 7 site visit to Laguna.
The weather is finally looking like California Spring and I am looking forward to the
exciting activities we have coming up. We have a mid-week tour to Lynmar Winery on the 10th of May and our first rally of the year, Devils Gulch, on the 20th . There is also plenty to do around the Zone. I am particularly looking forward to working the PorschePlatz at the Laguna Seca IMSA race the weekend of the 13th & 14th. We are putting the
final details on a Le Mans watching party & Swap Meet at Hi-Tec on June 10th.
The big news was the announcement of the Spring 2024 Treffen being in the Wine Country with Redwood Region as the hosts. Vern covered a lot of this in his article but
it is a real honor for our region and you will hear much about it over the coming months.
We have another major event in our Zone this year and that is Rennsport Reunion 7. If you are not aware this is an international event hosted by Porsche every 3-5 years. RR7 will be at the famed Laguna Seca Raceway September 28 - October 1. Porsche will be celebrating their 75th anniversary and Wolfgang Porsche’s 80th birthday so they are stepping up the festivities with many exciting activities and surprises. There is historic & contemporary racing, new model introductions, vendors with anything and everything Porsche. PCA will host the Corral and PorschePlatz with guest speakers, demonstrations and lots of special activities including PCA Juniors. As they say, PCA is fueled by volunteers, and we will need in excess of 500 for the PCA activities over the 4 days. I am the Volunteer Coordinator and your help would be appreciated. Volunteers will get a shirt and event poster. The work is easy and you are sure to make new Porsche friends. Volunteer registration will be on MSR which should be open by May 15th.
Even if you have told me you will work please go on MSR and register so we can make sure you get the proper size shirt and your event poster.
You will hear much more about Rennsport & Treffen over the coming months.
Mark your calendars and plan to attend as both will be incredible.
Charity Corner
Ben Davoren
Past President & Charity Liaison

One of the great privileges of being in our Redwood Region
PCA is knowing that we don’t just play in our backyard, we also support important local causes. This month in the dR, I’d like to
highlight the critically-important group CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) of Sonoma.

The CASA Program is the only 501 (c)(3) charitable community-based organization that since 1997, has recruited, trained and supported citizen volunteers who step up to assist judges and advocate for the best interests of children who have been abused or neglected.

This is a cause near and dear to my heart because my mother was the lead clinical
social worker in the first health care team to really address what was called “the battered child syndrome” in the early 1960s in Denver. Her stories were truly eye-opening and it was immediately clear to me even at a very young age that these children need outside help to be able to thrive.This year, CASA of Sonoma is hosting a “Hearts Fore Children CASA Golf Tournament” at the Windsor Golf Course on Thursday, September 21. Those of you who won’t be attending our second annual Murphys Ironstone tour weekend might enjoy this worthwhile cause, and their flyer is below. If you’d like to learn more, the registration website is open, and CASA volunteers will be coming to our Porsches on the Plaza event on July 8. For many years, we have donated the proceeds from this wonderful day on Sonoma Square to CASA and have engendered a wonderful partnership of which we can all be very proud.
On May 20th at Coppola Winery, there is a Porsche car show with free
admission to all attendees.
There is a small charge if you want to enter your Porsche.
For more information click here.

This is NOT a PCA event and PCA insurance does not apply!
In the Zone
Brian Adkins
Zone 7 Representative

In The Zone
May 2023
 Hello Zone 7,
 Just returning from CRAB The Zone event hosted by Sacramento Valley Region. An army of volunteers had this
multi-event signature Begegnen (Gathering / Meeting) working like a Swiss Watch or more accurately humming like a Twin Cam 356 …and that is no small task. The history of the event is storied in legend. Ohhh and did I mention there
was crab at CRAB? Well there was, and every face there was smiling … I can’t
encourage you enough to put the next CRAB on you must do list.
Is your calendar now filling up?
I can’t encourage you enough to visit and bookmark the Zone 7 webpage.

There is also a Zone 7 Facebook page along with a Zone Autocross and Concours page. So much info of upcoming happenings, photos of past events, and often real-time
activities updates. Come follow us.
Also look at the other Region Webpages and Social media pages for even more
news / info / and event notifications.
How wonderful to have SO many different activities to do.
Look below for some of the big events!
If you are already registered for Parade, Phase II you will register for banquets
and events that https://www.porscheparade.org/ You can return to that site and
add or edit your choices of activities.
Attending Parade??? Be sure to be at the Zone Gathering on Sunday June 18th
6pm to 7pm, that is just before the Welcome party. I will have a special raffle for
all Zone 7 attendees.
The IMSA races are coming to Laguna Seca May 12, 13, 14, 
Porsche will have a PORSCHEPLATZ (Saturday and Sunday) Corral parking available. Porscheplatz and Corral are on Saturday and Sunday.
All PCA Members and Porsche owners are welcome to the Porscheplatz tent with the purchase of their general admission ticket to the race. PCA membership is not required
for access, just Porsche membership.
Attendees will be required to show proof of PCA membership or Porsche ownership at
the Reception Desk at the entrance to the tent. (PCA membership card, key, insurance paper etc.) They will be given a special wristband, which is their admission to the tent during all days that the Porscheplatz tent is open.
You will be able to enjoy the hospitality and events and to register to win hot laps /
garage visits AND sign up for Parade laps.
Ticket sales AND CORRAL passes are purchased through Laguna Seca, NOT PCA!
Be sure to select the ticket / ticket package you want. If you want to be in the corral,
be sure to purchase the ticket labeled Sports - Admission & Corral.

Any questions, please email me.
2023 Zone 7 Concours Series Schedule
as of April 28, 2023
Date Location Host Region
May 14 - Hands on Concours School ---at Stevens Creek Porsche by Zone 7
May 27 - Hands on Concours School –at Nelson Residence, Shingle Springs, Ca.
by Zone 7
June 4 - Concours at Porsche of Rocklin by Sacramento Valley
July 9 - Concous at Mormon Station State Historic Park, Genoa, Nv. by Sierra Nevada
July 16 - Concours at Carmel Valley Community Park by Monterey Bay
Aug. 6 - Concours at Porsche of Redwood City by Golden Gate
Oct. 15 - Concours at Porsche of Livermore by Diablo
Oct. 22 - Concours at Sonoma Square, Sonoma by Redwood
Nov. 5 - Concours at Porsche of Fremont by Loma Prieta
2023 West Coast Race Series Schedule
as of April 28, 2023
Dates Location
June 10-11th at UMC (Utah)
June 24-25th at Thunderhill
July 22-23rd at High Plains (CO)
August 5-6th at Sonoma Opens June 19th
September 15-17th at Laguna Seca Opens July 31st
October 14-15th at Sonoma Opens August 28th
Rennsport Reunion VII
Laguna Seca September 28 – October 1

Information and to Purchase tickets.
PCA National At Sea 2023
Saturday, December 9-16 

Porsche Club of America is pleased to announce that Princess Cruises will host this year's inaugural PCA National at Sea! Join us as we board the Sky Princess one of Princess' Royal-Class ships for an adventure like no other. This adventure includes a seven-day Western Caribbean voyage from Ft. Lauderdale, FL, visiting four tropical destinations including Honduras, Cozumel, Belize City, and Costa Maya. These destinations feature activities exclusively for PCA members.

You can obtain more information and register on their website.
New Member Spotlight
Lewis Blevins

My partner Ruby and I are excited to be members of the Redwood Chapter. We are looking forward to PCA events. I am a former
member and am back for more fun after the pandemic. 

We reside in San Rafael. I spend my time sailing, oil painting and playing the Scottish Border Pipes (a form of bagpipes) when not driving my 2018 Voodoo Blue GT3.  This is my twelfth Porsche, third GT3 (and favorite). We also have a 2020 Cayenne Coupe Turbo. The latter is the most amazing SUV imaginable. Our dog Oliver seems to have an affection for 911s, too. We’ve converted the back of the GT3 into a “puppy pad” and he joins us for cruises along the coast and backroads of NorCal. 
Tech Session & Lunch
Jeff Hall
Sponsor Coordinator

On Saturday, April 29, Auto Sport Detail of Santa Rosa, one
of Redwood Region’s sponsors, conducted a tech session featuring “washing and maintenance” of your Porsche and
“paint correction” before and after!

The beautiful Spring morning paved the way for 54 members
and guests in 36 Porsches (and 1 BMW) to enjoy the presentation, pastries and
coffee, goodie bags and the “Wheel of Chance!”

The demonstrations, put on by Quinn Barri and Crissa Turner (owners of Auto Sport Detail) lasted almost two hours and were filled with lots of great questions and answers. The retail shop did a brisk business with members stocking up on washing mitts, wheel brushes, micro-fiber towels, buckets and detailing products.
Three run groups left the staging area shortly after 11 am for a jaunty ride out to the
coast and back. There were lots of twists and turns and according to Safety Director
Rex Simmons, everyone stayed on route. In spite of some fog along the coast and
thanks to leads, Essy Fariab, Vern Rogers and Rex Simmons as well as sweeps,
Kurt Fischer, Sharon Castle-Rogers and Sharon Neidel all drivers and passengers
were delivered safely to the finish line.
Lunch was served at the historic and iconic Washoe House in Petaluma. Established
in 1859, the Washoe is one of the oldest roadhouses West of the Mississippi.
We ate in the private, second-floor dining space with our own dedicated bartender
and servers. The eclectic menu didn’t disappoint and the revelers enjoyed the afternoon! By the comments and overall reaction to the program, this could very well turn into
an annual event.
Photos credit Paige Gaines.
Vern Rogers, with Past Redwood President, Zone 7 Rep & PCA National President Hank Malter and Past President David Bunch at Crab 38’s Welcome Party.
Lots of Crad Lovers.
212 Porschephiles representing 162 Porsches, 263 for CRAB Banquet and
over 250 for the Beer and Brat.
Vern & Sharon enjoying the CRAB dinner with Karen Sherman watching on.
Sharon Castle-Rogers wins her
Class at the CRAB 38 AX with
CRAB AX Chair Collin Fat.

CRAB 38 Concours at the California Automobile Museum.
stacyo headshot
Stacy O'Connell
Autocross Chair

We had 31 drivers at our first autocross of 2023 -- a Zone weekend co-hosted with Sacramento Valley Region and held on the skidpad at Thunderhill Raceway.

The temperature was in the mid-80s and we got 12 runs in for the day -- 6 in the morning run group and 6 in the afternoon. SVR AX chair Collin Fat took some great pictures of the event you can see here.

Dave Dunwoodie, LPR's AX chair, held the TTOD spot with a 46.570 and Susan Fontaine was TTOD Ladies with a 48.422. Congrats!

In PAX, our Zone 7 AX chair Brand Ballantyne took TTOD with a PAX time of 44.082 (and 100 PAX points) and Susan Fontaine gets the win again with a PAX time of 46.842 and 32 PAX points.

Results for all drivers and classes are now posted on our website.

There was a hosted dinner at Roundtable Pizza on Saturday night where drivers from all participating regions shared stories of cones they hit and of times they may or may not have gotten had said cones not gotten in the way! The after-dinner entertainment included a visit to the local Dollar Tree store. It's been rumored to be one of the best Dollar Trees in California and 6 out of 8 drivers who ventured into the retailer agreed...

We'll do this all again the weekend of September 16/17 (Dollar Tree visit optional) and we welcome experienced AXers, newbies and everyone in between to the event. Come join us. You're guaranteed a good time (and instructors are provided for anyone who needs it).

Feel free to email me with any questions about the event, venue or how to get involved.
TTOD winner Dave Dunwoodie waiting on grid for his next run. Photo credit: Collin Fat
Luftgekult 9
Past Redwood President Greg
Maissen's 928 in a featured spot.
Longtime Redwood’s Tim Hensel
showing off his Porsche.
Simone's & Thortsen's Kopitzki 991
on display.
Essy & Rosa Fariab's 911
on display.
Board Meeting Minutes
Eileen Gaines

The April Board Meeting was held on Tuesday the 25th.

The next board meeting will be on Tuesday, May 30 from 7-9 pm at Mary's Pizza Shack, 423 N McDowell Blvd. Petaluma

Our monthly Board meetings are open to all Redwood Region Members. The club will buy your dinner; you pay for your beverage.

If you’re interested in joining the next meeting via Zoom, send me an email and I will forward you the meeting link.  

Membership Reports & Information
Jeff Hall
Membership Director

Once again and on behalf of the entire Redwood Region of
the Porsche Club of America it is my pleasure to welcome all
new members enrolled in the month of April as well as those transferring from other regions.
Please think about attending some of our events in the upcoming months which can be found in the calendar section of our website: https://redwoodpca.org Our events are a great way for you to meet other PCA members and have some fun with fellow Porsche enthusiasts and our amazing cars.
From our website you can also access current and past issues of der Reisenbaum,
our monthly newsletter! We had six new members at our event on Saturday, April 29.
In the month of April, we welcomed eight new members to the Redwood Region PCA.
You all should have or will soon be receiving a complimentary Redwood Region name badge. Also if you’d like to order a name badge for your spouse, partner, associate or family member, check out our website for full details and instructions.
In April 2023, 31 PCA Redwood Region members marked ten or more years in the club. Three members are celebrating 40 or more years with the club! Frank Massick (48),
Mary Affinitto (40), Don Nicoli (40). Congratulations to you for such long-term loyalty
and thank you to all who are marking anniversaries – I hope you are enjoying your membership and continue to take advantage of all the great benefits our club has to offer! As always, please send any and all questions about membership, to me email me.
Redwood Goodie Store
Dress in style and get your Redwood Region branded items in our Goodie Store.
Visit Redwood's on-line Goodie Store here.
der Marktplatz
All parts for sale in new condition from a PCA member. Pictures are available upon request.

  • Silver PDK Shift Paddles $80
  • Pair black leatherette A-pillars $215
  • Pair black leatherette sun visors $590
  • Black or silver brushed aluminum console trim $290
  • Pair “GT3” doorsills in black or silver brushed aluminum (non-illuminated) $365
  • Black leatherette Full lower dash trim (including glove box) $615
  • Black or silver brushed aluminum full dash trim including cup holders $740
All items are available for local pickup or the buyer pays shipping by choice of method.
All items are guaranteed authentic Porsche OEM.
Cash, PayPal and cashier’s check are accepted.
Please check your fitment. All sales final.
All questions are welcome.
Contact Bobby
der Sponsors
Porsche Marin

When you want the best selection and prices on new, used and pre-owned Porsche vehicles, Porsche Marin offers exactly what you’re looking for. 911, Boxster, Cayman, Cayenne, Macan, Panamera and more.

Mill Valley
Sonoma County's premier automotive location for maintenance, servicing, auto repairs and performance upgrades for your Porsche and BMW since 2007

Santa Rosa

Auto Sport Detailing

Exceeding customer expectations since 1996 

"We detail every car like it’s our own
from start to finish."

Santa Rosa

“Proud to be recognized by our customers as the best auto body shop in Sonoma County"

Santa Rosa

3546 Santa Rosa Avenue, Suite A
Santa Rosa CA 95407

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