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Free Live Music
in Downtown Parker
this weekend!

Thursday, July 30 - Shotgun Lullaby - Patio Stage 6:00 pm

Friday, July 31 - My Blue Sky - Patio Stage 7:00 pm

Friday, July 31 - Kelli Said - Main Stage 8:00 pm

Saturday, August 1 - Phat Daddy - Patio Stage 6:00 pm

Saturday, August 1 - Kelli Said - Main Stage 8:00 pm

Sunday, August 2 - Andre LaMotte - Patio Stage 9:00 am

Sunday, August 2 - Anavrin’s Day - Patio Stage 1:00 pm

Friday, July 31 - Band Kamp - 6:00 pm

Sunday, August 2 - Tony Airozo - Noon

Upcoming Events
in Downtown Parker!
Thursday, July 30: 6:30-10 pm

All The World’s A Stage for  #theseactors  throughout the Denver Theater Community!
Welcome to BROADWAY BABY, another musical review with Guests Danielle Hermon & Kevin Eksterowicz, and returning Cast Alice Glamoure, Jeff Carara, Jessie Oblazny with the Reputable Brandon Bill as Accompanist+

Table Reservations ARE encouraged as seating (Indoor and Patio) will be limited. Spend a night with your friends, watching your new friends (Us!) perform!!
*BROADWAY BABY is a Jeff Carara Project in association with AM.SWOProductions with Co-Host Alice Glamoure of ASP’s Drag Troupes Haus of FishCandy and Lipstick Legends*

There's more happening at Studio@Mainstreet :
The Glam Bing-Ho Show: Lingerie Ball
Thursday, Aug 13: 6:30-10 pm

THE GLAM BING-HO SHOW is LIVE-On-Site, Again, being Parker’s Exclusive Spot for Drag Bingo, where #dragindouglascounty has been happening for over a year at Studio@Mainstreet!
With Some DramaMahma, A Comedy Routine and Extra Fringe, the Lingerie Ball theme will be tickling your fancies!
Table Reservations ARE Encouraged as Seating (Indoor and Patio) is Limited due to COIVD Guidelines of 6ft. And Best You Mask Up upon arrival & departure, to ordering from the bar onto using the Loo-Loo!!

A “drive-in” style event series taking place
in the PACE Center parking lot!

The Parker Arts Drive-In Series!
A new event series with a vintage vibe where we can get back together at a safe PACE! This “drive-in” style event series will take place in the PACE Center parking lot. Tune in on your car radio for live entertainment and events from the comfort of your own vehicle.

Trivia Night 2
Friday, July 31: 8:30-10 pm
Trivia night is back! Join us for a unique twist on trivia night with our drive-in trivia extravaganza! Bring your smartphone and play along with us on the big screen. Bring food and drink and enjoy the fun while social distancing from your own car. We’ll have questions for the whole family and there may even be a few prizes in store!

There's more happening at Parker Arts:
Honey Stop
at the Parker Farmers Market
Sunday, August 2nd
 8:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
Presented by Parker Arts and the Cultural and Scientific Commission

This year, in lieu of the annual Honey Festival, Parker Arts offers the Honey Stop! This FREE event celebrates the honeybee and all of the amazing benefits it brings our community. Honey Stop is designed to heighten awareness and appreciation for the honeybee by providing educational information and resources regarding honeybees, honey products and beekeeping. Guests of all ages can speak with local beekeepers, organizations and vendors to learn more about the process of beekeeping and harvesting honey. Stop by to receive free educational materials and honey recipes, purchase bee-friendly plants and other products, and see a beekeeper’s suit and live working hives up close!
Parker Quest
Saturday, August 15
The Schoolhouse
Uncover the secret history of Downtown Parker! Start times will be staggered from 9:00 – 10:00 a.m. this year to comply with social distance guidelines. The journey begins and ends at The Schoolhouse on Mainstreet. Participants will receive a passport with clues to find places of interest around town. Choose between a long or short route, then travel at your own pace to answer questions about important local landmarks. Please wear a face mask and bring your own water. We’ll have special activities for kids under 12, goodie bags and fun surprises at the end of your quest.

John Schneider in Concert
Saturday, August 21
The PACE Center
John Davis Promotions presents superstar John “Bo Duke” Schneider from the original hit TV series “The Dukes of Hazzard.” Schneider, who has produced over 9 albums and charted 5 top ten songs, is joined onstage by Cody McCarver, formerly of Confederate Railroad. David Chapa opens with a musical tribute to Johnny Cash.

Every Sunday!
8 am - 1 pm
The Farmer's Market is back!
Over 100 vendors, 4 local vegetable growers
and 3 western slope fruit growers round out this vibrant market packed with flavorful food offerings, beautiful plants and flowers, and on site cooking!