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DiscoverU is HERE! 


We hope you've got your college gear ready - because it's time for DiscoverU! It's not too late to spread the word, visit our website for the wide variety of ways to get involved.


Also make sure to use the #DiscoverU hashtag throughout the week. You can follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram to keep up with all the great college gear and on-the-job selfies we'll be seeing this week. 


Thanks for reading our newsletter and for helping students explore college and career pathways through DiscoverU!


- The DiscoverU Team

DiscoverU Posts & Pledges Dashboard

Throughout the week, we will be tracking participation on social media and updating the DiscoverU Dashboard. We want to show how many people in our community are supporting college and career exploration. Let's get these numbers as high as possible - engage your entire network of friends, family, coworkers and the like to participate in #DiscoverU!

From having a conversation about your job and how you got there with a student in your life, to posting an on-the-job picture, you can help build the "beyond high school culture" in our region!
DiscoverU Participant Spotlight

South Seattle College
To kick off DiscoverU, we wanted to share another highlight of a group doing great work to help students DiscoverU. Even if a student is in college, that doesn't mean they should stop exploring the pathways to their dream career! South Seattle College is putting on a variety of activities and workshops during DiscoverU in order to help their students #DiscoverU.

Events during DiscoverU week include a transfer fair, where students can meet with admissions advisers from all over Washington State, a career exploration workshop that helps break down what education and experiences are needed for different careers, and an undecided student workshop, for those who aren't sure about transferring and haven't solidified their plans after attending South.

"South Seattle College is committed to making sure students have support throughout their experience in education," said Vanessa Calonzo, Director of New Student Services at South. "Participating in DiscoverU is our opportunity to be a part of the region-wide work going on to ensure students feel connected, informed, and inspired about their future careers."

South Seattle College also provided their staff with tools and tips on how to get involved. Each staff member will put up a flyer with a picture of themselves, where they went to school, jobs they've had and share their favorite college memory or experience. In South's newsletter, they also encouraged students and staff to get coffee or lunch to talk about college and career pathways. Some faculty will even offer extra-credit to students who interview people about their careers.

"One of my favorite parts of DiscoverU is seeing the connections being made between education and experience," Calonzo said. "Having the chance to prompt everyone to intentionally share their pathways through training and education has been so eye opening to the diversity of experiences both our staff and students have. What a great way to not only get to know each other better, but it's a great way to inspire the students who can picture themselves through our experiences."

Thank you, South Seattle College, for your tremendous efforts in involving students in DiscoverU with a multitude of activities and workshops! 

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DiscoverU How-To
Participating in DiscoverU is easy! Just follow these 3 simple steps:
  1. Wear your college or career gear- Whether you wear a hat with your college's name or a T-shirt with your organization's logo, it's easy to show off your DiscoverU spirit!
  2. Discuss your education or career path with students- Students know you are an educator, librarian, mentor, coach or principal, but do they know how you got there? Talking to students about the education and jobs that led to your current career is an easy way to get them thinking about all of the possibilities in their futures.
  3. Lead a fun college or career exploration activity- Visit our activities and resources for sample lessons and ideas.
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Join the DiscoverU fun! To pledge your participation, visit the DiscoverU pledge page. To see who else has taken the DiscoverU pledge, visit our participants page
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