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Thank you for reading the DiscoverU newsletter! DiscoverU is an exciting week, from October 12-16, for students across Seattle and South King County to explore college and career options. Each week this newsletter will provide DiscoverU updates, including new resources, activities and communications supports. 


With your participation, students of all ages will have the opportunity to explore their futures and think about how education can help them reach their dreams.


Please email with any feedback or questions.

Thank you!!
-DiscoverU Team

DiscoverU Participant Spotlight

Valhalla Elementary School, Federal Way Public Schools
In 2014, Valhalla Elementary School students  explored their futures through the art of video production. It was the first time Valhalla students produced a video and we think they did a great job exploring the career aspirations of the Valhalla Community! 

Creating a DiscoverU video can be a fun and engaging way to spread the DiscoverU spirit!   

Do you have an exciting plan for DiscoverU?
  1. Share your DiscoverU plans and activities with to be featured in the DiscoverU newsletter or on the DiscoverU Twitter and Facebook pages. 
Activity of the Week
"You Don't Say" Career Taboo Game, Career Guidance Washington
This fun lesson from Career Guidance Washington is designed to expose middle school students to a variety of careers, ranging from graphic artist to speech pathologist. Like the classic game Taboo, students draw a card with a word on it. In this case, the words are all careers and students have to provide clues to their team without using the predetermined "taboo" words. Click here for a copy of this lesson and game materials.

Career Guidance Washington is a career and college readiness program model from the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) designed to prepare all students for their future.  With 20 lessons per grade, Career Guidance Washington distills the best of previous college and career curricula into an easy to implement, comprehensive set of activities for grades 6-12. 

For more information on Career Guidance Washington, its alignment to Common Core and state graduation requirements, and links to lessons, visit the Career Guidance Washington webpage on the OSPI website. 

Resource of the Week

DiscoverU Save-the-Date and "101" PowerPoint

DiscoverU is taking place October 12-16 and we need your help spreading the word! The DiscoverU save-the-date flyer, informational PowerPoint and outreach posters have all been added to the Educators page on the Road Map to College website. 


The DiscoverU "101" informational PowerPoint provides a basic overview of DiscoverU and is great for staff meetings and trainings. The DiscoverU save-the-date flyer and outreach posters are a quick visual way to let everyone, from staff to students, know that DiscoverU is back!



DiscoverU How-To
Participating in DiscoverU is easy! Just follow these 3 simple steps:
  1. Wear your college or career gear- Whether you wear a hat with your college's name or a T-shirt with your organization's logo, it's easy to show off your DiscoverU spirit!
  2. Discuss your education or career path with students- Students know you are an educator, librarian, mentor, coach or principal, but do they know how you got there? Talking to students about the education and jobs that led to your current career is an easy way to get them thinking about all of the possibilities in their futures.
  3. Lead a fun college or career exploration activity- Visit our activities and resources for sample lessons and ideas.
Sign the Pledge
Join the DiscoverU fun! To pledge your participation, visit the DiscoverU pledge page. To see who else has taken the DiscoverU pledge, visit our participants page
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The DiscoverU newsletter is designed to share resources, highlight best practices and  provide you with important updates regarding DiscoverU . The DiscoverU newsletter is distributed by Community Center for Education Results, the nonprofit organization supporting the Road Map Project. 

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