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Thank you for reading the DiscoverU newsletter! DiscoverU is an exciting week, from October 12-16, for students across Seattle and South King County to explore college and career options. Each week this newsletter will provide DiscoverU updates, including new resources, activities and communications supports. 


With your participation, students of all ages will have the opportunity to explore their futures and think about how education can help them reach their dreams.


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DiscoverU Posters Still Available!
Community partners participating in DiscoverU can still pick up posters at the CCER office (1200 12th Ave. S., Suite 701, Seattle, WA 98144). If you would like to pick up some posters, please email Sara Siegel ( ) and we will make sure they are ready for you!

DiscoverU Participant Spotlight

Renton/Skyway Boys & Girls Club
DiscoverU isn't just for schools and colleges - community organizations like the Renton/Skyway Boys & Girls Club get into the DiscoverU spirit as well!

Dorina Calderon-McHenry, Club Executive Director for the Renton/Skyway Boys & Girls Club, says her and her staff work hard year-round to help their kids discover all the pathways available to them, but DiscoverU offers the opportunity for a week full of college and career focused activities. They mostly focus on their 6th, 7th and 8th graders, and also engage the high school students that come in as junior staff. Using activities available on the DiscoverU website, along with some of their own creative thinking, there was certainly no shortage of exploratory activities last year and there won't be this year, either. 

Last year, the club organized guest speakers ranging from former club kids, to a technical sergeant in the Air Force and even a couple Seattle Seahawks to talk about their education and career journeys. Kids got to hear about how they ended up in their current positions and how education impacts their long-term plans for life, like what Seahawk players plan to do with their degrees after they are done playing football.

An activity carrying over from last year to this year is using the DiscoverU posters to help kids deconstruct careers and find out what they need to get a certain job. Dorina said that they have the kids split into groups and look at the posters, pick a job and then the kids do research into what it would take to get that job. They then present their findings back to the larger group - drawing the connection between high school classes, college options and careers.

Kids at the Boys & Girls Club also created dream boards. These featured a photo of the student, surrounded by information each student wrote about their talents/skills, favorite subject, a future college they are considering and what careers they are interested in. They kept last year's dream boards and plan to show them to returning club kids so they can see how their plans have changed and discuss how they are making progress toward their aspirations. 

Dream boards, guest speakers, deconstructing and demystifying college and career pathways - the team at the Renton/Skyway Boys & Girls Club is doing everything they can to engage kids in exploring college and career pathways at an early age! Thanks Dorina and staff for all the hard work you put into DiscoverU! 

An example of a dream board made at Renton/Skyway Boys & Girls Club. 

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Activity of the Week
Quick Ideas for Teachers One-Pager
Are you at a loss for how to integrate DiscoverU activities into your classroom? Never fear, our website has tons of resources to help you.  One specific resource is the Quick Ideas for Teachers one-pager. This handout provides examples of easy activities and discussions that don't require supplies or a lot of prep !

If you would like to share a DiscoverU activity or idea, please send it to or submit them using the online form at the bottom of the Educator's page. We especially want more ideas for Pre-K and elementary-aged students!  
Resource of the Week
SAT Prep with the Khan Academy
If you work with students gearing up to take the SAT, there are free resources to help them prepare! The Khan Academy has a full sample SAT test that can be taken at home for practice, with video explanations and information to get students ready. 

DiscoverU How-To
Participating in DiscoverU is easy! Just follow these 3 simple steps:
  1. Wear your college or career gear- Whether you wear a hat with your college's name or a T-shirt with your organization's logo, it's easy to show off your DiscoverU spirit!
  2. Discuss your education or career path with students- Students know you are an educator, librarian, mentor, coach or principal, but do they know how you got there? Talking to students about the education and jobs that led to your current career is an easy way to get them thinking about all of the possibilities in their futures.
  3. Lead a fun college or career exploration activity- Visit our activities and resources for sample lessons and ideas.
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