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It's been great to see all the photos and post encouraging students to #DiscoverU! It's not too late to spread the word, visit our website for the wide variety of ways to get involved.


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DiscoverU So Far
We are so excited to see all the great photos popping up on social media! Governor Jay Inslee, the staff at Auburn Mountainview High School, students from Showalter Middle School, Lydia from Green Gables Elementary and the Aerospace Joint Apprenticeship Committee are just a sampling of the numerous individuals, schools, districts and organizations that are showing their #DiscoverU spirit. 

Make sure you post your photo with the hashtag #DiscoverU so that we can find it - we're building a Storify with all the great photos and posts and would love to include yours!

DiscoverU Participant Spotlight

King County Housing Authority
DiscoverU is in full swing and we are so impressed and excited by all the wonderful activities taking place! This is the first year that King County Housing Authority has participated in DiscoverU, and we wanted to showcase some of the great things they are doing to help students explore college and career options.

King County Housing Authority has a big focus on high school completion, graduation and getting students prepared to enter the workforce.

"What better kind of partnership than highlighting the importance of education in general, but also continuing education, getting everyone on board in working toward this common goal?" said Ted Dezember, the senior resident services manager for educational initiatives at KCHA.

This week, the staff at KCHA will get to wear college gear during DiscoverU, which Ted notes is "kind of a big deal" since there is normally a no-logo policy dress code. But DiscoverU is viewed as so valuable, it's worth bending the rules!

KCHA partners with six different youth services that operate across housing authority properties. Each day of the week, KCHA is highlighting one of the organizations and the kids that benefit from their services with boards that feature photos and quotes about future plans and college aspirations. These tri-fold boards celebrate the organization and the youth that they serve, so that a college-going and career-exploring culture is cultivated.

KCHA serves 20,000 kids, which is 5 percent of school-aged kids in King County, so the partnership with education groups just makes sense for them.

"We share the same core value that we want every child to be successful," Ted said.

Congratulations to KCHA for their first DiscoverU week, and we look forward to your participation in the years to come! 

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DiscoverU Posts & Pledges Dashboard

We are so excited about all the great posts we've been seeing! We want to show how many people in our community are supporting college and career exploration. Let's get these numbers as high as possible - engage your entire network of friends, family, coworkers and the like to participate in #DiscoverU!

From having a conversation about your job and how you got there with a student in your life, to posting an on-the-job picture, you can help build the "beyond high school culture" in our region!
DiscoverU How-To
Participating in DiscoverU is easy! Just follow these 3 simple steps:
  1. Wear your college or career gear- Whether you wear a hat with your college's name or a T-shirt with your organization's logo, it's easy to show off your DiscoverU spirit!
  2. Discuss your education or career path with students- Students know you are an educator, librarian, mentor, coach or principal, but do they know how you got there? Talking to students about the education and jobs that led to your current career is an easy way to get them thinking about all of the possibilities in their futures.
  3. Lead a fun college or career exploration activity- Visit our activities and resources for sample lessons and ideas.
Sign the Pledge
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