April 2018      
     ┬íViva Fiesta! April is a beautiful, exciting month in South Texas. We've had a lot going on at Texas Biomed and the Southwest National Primate Research Center and many stories to tell. Read on!
Baboons at the Southwest National Primate Research Center served as animal models for the study.
Texas Biomed teams up to study the effects of maternal obesity on unborn children

New research published in the Journal of Physiology  shows obese pregnant mothers who eat a high fat, high sugar diet while they are expecting potentially predispose their children to obesity and related disorders later in life. Peter Nathanielsz, Ph.D. was an author on the study which included baboon animals models at the Southwest National Primate Research Center. Collaborators include University of Wyoming at Laramie WyomingWake Forest Baptist Medical Center Indiana University School of Medicine and UT Health San Antonio.

Texas Biomed takes on a new way to communicate science to the public: podcasting 

There is power in storytelling. That's why podcasts are growing in popularity. Interesting, compelling information about science is in demand. Texas Biomed is helping fill the niche with TXBioBytes from Texas Biomed. We'll be tackling topics like "TB or not TB" and "What do Snails have to do with it?"

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For now, computer models cannot replace animal models in medical research.
Texas Biomed and UT Health San Antonio Highlight Benefits of Animal Research and Care Provided 
In recognition of Biomedical Research Awareness (BRAD) Day 2018 on April 19, Texas Biomed produced a video explaining why the larger animals used in studies at Texas Biomed and the smaller mammals used in studies at UT Health San Antonio are crucial to progress in biomedical research. Click here to view the video! And check out the Texas Biomed YouTube Channel.
Rob Davey, Ph.D., talks over dinner with members of the Founders Council.
The Founder's Council's "Dining and Discourse" was a Huge Success
Delicious cuisine and enlightening conversation. Both were on the menu at the March 26, 2018, Dining and Discourse event at The Argyle. More than a dozen tables featured many of our scientists discussing their research in areas ranging from aging to whooping cough. W e had an outstanding turnout. Thanks to the Founder's Council and everyone who showed up. Texas Biomed is committed to sharing our progress with our donors, supporters and volunteers!
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