August 2018
Deepak Kaushal
Deepak Kaushal, Ph.D.
New Primate Center Director Renowned Infectious Disease Researcher

Texas Biomed's quest to become the world leader in infectious disease research continues with the hiring of Deepak Kaushal, Ph.D., as the new Director of the Southwest National Primate Research Center. Dr. Kaushal is a prominent scientist whose skills will add to our growing expertise in the area of tuberculosis research and nonhuman primates. Every day Texas Biomed strives to add the best minds to our staff. Dr. Kaushal comes from Tulane University and Tulane National Primate Research Center. He will begin his new role in January. To learn more about Dr. Kaushal, visit our website.

Olena Shtanko, Ph.D., as seen on KENS5 Eyewitness News on Aug. 9, 2018
New Study Pinpoints Pathways Ebola Virus Uses to Enter Cells

Texas Biomed Staff Scientist Olena Shtanko, Ph.D., who has been a member of Dr. Robert Davey's lab and whose work was funded by grants from both the Founder's Council and the Forum in 2017, published work that sheds light on the role of specific proteins that trigger a mechanism allowing Ebola virus to enter cells to establish replication. The work was conducted in Texas Biomed's Biosafety Level 4 laboratory and published in a supplement to the Journal of Infectious Diseases.
Baboons are being scanned at the Research Imaging Institute.
Baboon Brain Scans May Provide Human Insights
Neuropsychiatric diseases affect millions of people and can be disabling. Now, Texas Biomed Associate Scientist Melanie Carless, Ph.D., is teaming up with the Research Imaging Institute at the U.T. Health Science Center to look at the brains of baboons and see if there are structural and blood biomarkers that will make these nonhuman primates a good animal model for these complex disorders. The research is being funded in part by the National Institute of Mental Health. Listen to a new podcast about the project!

Making microbes!
Hundreds Gather for Texas Biomed Family Night

Texas Biomed believes in education. That means we believe in educating our donors, our community, and the families of our staff. Nearly 500 Texas Biomed employees and their family members gathered on the Institute campus on Friday, August 17th, for the first ever Family Night. The event was an enormous success. We arranged for tours of the Primate Center, activity booths that helped explain our science, face painting and science experiments for children, and photo booths for everyone. Here's to #texasbiomedfamilynight! Check out our Facebook page for more picture from the event.
In Support of Science
Denise Mosser, Dr. Larry Schlesinger, Nicole McClane, and Courtney Percy
The Forum: From Gala to Innovative Research

The women of the Forum support the hope and promise of life-saving research at Texas Biomed. This year, the financial benefit of the annual Gala held in May at The Argyle netted more than a quarter of a million dollars to fund pilot projects by scientists committed to eradicating the threat of infectious diseases. President and CEO of Texas Biomed, Dr. Larry Schlesinger accepted the money on behalf of the Institute on August 7th. "This kind of community support is humbling and inspiring," he says.
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