February 2019

February is the month of love. To help celebrate Valentines Day and show our research animals some love, our animal behavior team served up these treats, which include specialty meal worms to provide added protein and seeds the animals can pick from the doily to encourage natural grooming behaviors.
HIV virus image courtesy of NIH Image Gallery
An New Discovery Could Lead to Ways to Protect HIV Patients from Deadly TB

One third of all HIV/AIDS patients die of complications from tuberculosis. 
The director of the Southwest National Primate Research Center, Professor Deepak Kaushal, Ph.D., says his research is pinpointing a possible new avenue of protection for HIV/AIDS patients.

A collaborative study published this month in the journal Cell Reports helps establish how HIV leads to deadly cases of tuberculosis.

Veterinarians and staff train to use the new endoscope.
Founder's Council Grant Equips Veterinarians with New Endoscope

The Founder's Council's latest grants helped buy a crucial piece of equipment: an endoscopy unit for use on our research animals. With this new sophisticated tool, veterinarians and technicians will perform diagnostic tests and some biopsies without more invasive procedures.

Photo courtesy: UTSA
Teaming Up To Train Next Gen Researchers

Doctoral students in the Cellular and Molecular Biology program at the University of Texas at San Antonio will benefit from an expanded program to train the best and the brightest scientists as infectious disease researchers. Read about the expanded opportunities in this article published on the UTSA Today website. "This program provides the Institute an opportunity to benefit from fresh, innovative ideas," said Texas Biomed President/CEO Dr. Larry Schlesinger.

Students from Harmony Science Academy tour the Primate Center.
Harmony Science Academy Visits TX Biomed
Our incredibly successful student tours continue this year, with students hearing directly from scientists and taking tours of the Southwest National Primate Research Center. These teenagers from Harmony Science Academy really liked the Primate Center!  Texas Biomed welcomes high school, college and company tours throughout the year. For more information, click here As part of their community outreach, the Texas Biomedical Forum sponsors many of the high school tours which help inspire students who want to pursue a career in science.Thanks for all you do, ladies!

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