March 2019
Bacteria cause TB infections.
New Vaccine Strategy for Tuberculosis Involves a Spray Instead of a Shot

For years, scientists have been trying to come up with a better way to protect people against tuberculosis. New hope is on the horizon after a recent experiment in mice showed great promise. Using a modified version of the current vaccine called BCG, scientists were able to show when the experimental vaccine was delivered through the nose to the animals, it created less inflammation and tissue damage than previous attempts at using a spray. The vaccine may offer immunity at any age.  Professor Jordi Torrelles, Ph.D. , was part a team whose research was published in the journal Mucosal Immunology .

Texas Biomed Research Symposium 2019 Winners
Research Symposium 2019

A two-day event March 7-8 featured our scientists latest research in posters and presentations. The topics ran the gamut -- from tackling anti-malarial drug resistance to targeting risk genes associated with Alzheimer's. Click here to read about the winning projects! Keynote speaker for the event was renowned infectious disease specialist Daniel Wozniak, Ph.D., of The Ohio State University who spoke about biofilms and chronic infections. The event garnered some media attention including this KENS5 story about the development of a nursery for the macaques at the Southwest National Primate Research Center.
Taste of Science outreach at Kunstler Brewing
Pairing Up Against Parasites

Combining beer and biology, Texas Biomed teamed up with San Antonio's  Taste of Science for an event in March at Kunstler Brewing. Professor Tim Anderson, Ph.D., and Assistant Professor Ian Cheeseman, Ph.D., told the crowd about "A Day in the Life of a Parasitologist." The researchers talked about their research involving malaria and shistosomiasis, two infectious diseases caused by parasites that kill thousands of people around the world every year. Our scientists enjoy sharing their work and teaming up with community groups like Taste of Science to help educate the public about these important health issues.
From left to right: Forum Education Award Co-Chair Christina Katabchi, Education Award Winners Ivan Banuelos, Shawna Lopez, and Dr. Jamie Holbrook; Forum Education Award Co-chair Heather de Rojas
Three Area Science Teachers Win Grants for Classroom Projects
The   Texas Biomedical Forum  and V.H. McNutt Memorial Foundation partnered to fund innovative ideas of Bexar County science teachers. This is the 25th year of the program! The winners of this year's education grants are  Shawna Lopez of Cornerstone Christian Schools, Dr. Jamie Holbrook of Saint Mary's Hall and Ivan Banuelos of Earl Warren High School. The teachers were awarded a total of $15,600 in grants. For more information on the projects they'll be teaching to their students, click  here.

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