November 2018
Giving Tuesday is Tomorrow!
We Need Your Help on Giving Tuesday
We're asking for your help on #Giving Tuesday . Texas Biomed is harnessing the power of social media in an online and email campaign for donations, large and small. You can make a difference by sharing our #GivingTuesday messages with everyone you know. Click on these links to our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. We encourage you to make a donation yourself and be part of a global movement to kick off the holiday charitable season by supporting our life-saving research! Click here to see a special Giving Tuesday message from our President & CEO Dr. Larry Schlesinger. Log on to our #GivingTuesday page to learn more.
The CDC says childhood obesity is an "epidemic."
Weighing the Factors Involved in Childhood Obesity
A re there changes that affect genes and fuel a person's propensity to develop obesity? Associate Scientist  Melanie Carless, Ph.D. , is Principal Investigator of a recently awarded $3 million, four-year grant from the National Institutes of Health to research the hypothesis.  Dr. Carless and her collaborators will be looking at what is called epigenetics - which is the study of changes caused by the modification of gene expression rather than changes in the genetic code itself. Epigenetics integrates both genetic and environmental factors. To learn more, click here .

Dr. Ruth Ruprecht
Texas Biomed Scientists in the Spotlight at National Forums

Our scientists shared their expertise all over the country this month, trading ideas and sharing innovations with other top scientists in their fields.  Dr. Suzette Tardif Dr. Jean Patterson  and Dr. Cory Ross presented at the  National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine   roundtable on the use of marmosets in biomedical research. Dr. Marie-Claire Gauduin and Dr. Luis Giavedoni spoke at a symposium on  Nonhuman Primate Models for AIDS . HIV researcher  Dr. Ruth Ruprecht  was the keynote speaker at the  International Conference on Vaccines Research & Development.   Dr. Larry Schlesinger  and Dr. Jordi Torrelles  spoke about "TB Goals" at the Ragon Institute at Harvard. Veterinarians Dr. Shannan Hall-Ursone and Dr. Elizabeth Clemmons  shared their knowledge at the Laboratory Animal Science National Meeting.
Dr. Larry Schlesinger, Texas Biomed President & CEO
Texas Biomed President Highlights Collaboration at San Antonio Chamber Event
The health care and bioscience industry generates $40 billion in economic impact annually for the San Antonio economy. At an event to unveil these new figures hosted by the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce, Texas Biomed President & CEO Dr. Larry Schlesinger gave the keynote address. " Nowhere have I worked where the embodiment of cooperation has been greater than in San Antonio," he said. "Texas Biomed is committed to even greater connectivity to raise the bar of scientific excellence and position this city to be a leader in the biomedical sciences." Click here to read more in coverage by the San Antonio Express News and here to read the article by Startups San Antonio.
Making microbes
Hundreds of Middle School Students Learn about Science at Core4 STEM
Texas Biomed volunteers helped educate San Antonio middle school students with "Microbe Mania" at the CORE4 STEM event hosted by the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. According to the U.S. Department of Education, 20% of the population is Hispanic, but only 2% of the STEM workforce is Hispanic. Texas Biomed aims to inspire young students to explore careers in science. During the event at the Freeman Coliseum, students made microbes and tried on Personal Protective Equipment. The event was another outreach to help boost STEM education and grow future scientists!
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Media and Communications Specialist
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