We're thrilled to welcome CHRISSY CARTER back to BYS Yoga this fall for a combination of teacher intensive and public workshops!

RICHARD GARTNER returns to BYS Yoga this fall with a 12-hour CEU specialty training!
Life (and really, Yoga) is process of unfolding, unpacking, and letting go of all the ways we build up veils and walls around ourselves. We often shield most of who we are, except to our most intimate friends and family. Or, conversely, we shield ourselves too much from intimate relationships and we end up with superficial acquaintances which don't challenge or inspire us to dig deep and chip away at those false layers.

I'm so thankful for Yoga and our studio/community, which has brought to my life so many incredible friendships and actually deepened relationships which already existed. As the practice of Yoga clears the way for greater knowledge of ourselves, it in turn, allows us to share that more clearly with others. In the past 15 years, I have become much more open, more humble, and more comfortable in the process of discovering (& uncovering) who I am.

I read a sentence last week in one of my favorite books, Mark Nepo's The Book of Awakening, which took my breath away because it spoke exactly to a place where I find myself in my journey right now...

"We have been battered by modern times into obsessive problem solvers, but as life pares us down into only what is essential, it becomes clear that the deepest sufferings of heart and spirit cannot be solved, only witnessed and held."

OBSESSIVE PROBLEM SOLVER... oh yeah, that's been me. I have felt the responsibility to take on ALL the challenges and on some (naive) level, have thought that I COULD.

But, I can't any longer. And, the "aha! moment" was learning that it's NOT my responsibility to have to. Letting go and sometimes becoming a witness instead of always an active participant. To hold space for myself and others. And, to be held up in the knowledge that it will be... and I will be... okay.

I'd love to hear how your journey is going!



SATURDAY, July 15th 2017 w/ Holly Koenig
9-10 a.m.

We're thrilled to partner with The Frick Pittsburgh to offer once a month Saturday morning classes on the Great Lawn of the Frick Art & Historical Center!

FREE CLASS (sponsored by The Frick & 84 Lumber)

Mats on the Mon
@ the Landing & Marina at Station Square

SATURDAY, July 15th 2017 w/ Amy Burk
10:30-11:30 a.m.
To arrive at The Landing & Marina, follow the pedestrian bridge from Bessemer Court over the railroad tracks. There are both stairs and elevator access to this location and there will be a tent for those of you looking for a little shade too!

$5 per class  (cash/check only please)

Grandview Park

SUNDAY, July 16th 2017 w/ Ashley O'Hara
10:30-11:30 a.m.
The entrance to Grandview Park is located at the corner of Bailey and Beltzhoover Avenues near the intersection of Mount Washington and Allentown neighborhoods. Please note that if using Google maps for directions, entering the intersection and not "Grandview Park" will yield best results!

$5 per class (cash/check only please)

w/ Mary Anne Buvens

SUNDAY, July 16th 2017
5:30-7 p.m.

regular class pricing


SATURDAY, August 19th 2017 w/ Lynn Rescigno
SATURDAY, September 16th 2017 w/ Kristi Rogers
9-10 a.m.

FREE CLASS (sponsored by The Frick & 84 Lumber)

Be sure to visit The Frick Pittsburgh website by the Wednesday before the date for links to pre-purchase brunch options from the Cafe' to enjoy after class!

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