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Psychosynthesis continues to have a profound influence in my daily life.

I have incorporated my learnings from my four year study in psychosynthesis, into my therapeutic recreation workshops. After several years of personal therapy with a psychosynthesis guide, I was able to make a connection to my authentic creative 'self'. I believe we are all searching for that part of our selves. I feel ready to guide, and I invite you to an exciting way of spending ninety minutes of your leisure time, once a week. Workshop info below.  For more info   


   Susan Sig
After the Fire

 Discovering "Self" - Workshop Series

Purpose of the workshop 

To encourage participants to relax and experience an expanded state of self-awareness through a simple, non-threatening, energizing and different approach to leisure activity. Guided imagery uses the imagination to give us powerful yet gentle insight into our unconscious mind  


Goals and Outcomes 

  • To shift attention from external preoccupations and concerns to internal space
  • To provide tools that participants can independently use anytime to get relaxation, self-awareness and/or relief.
  • To provide a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.
  • Appreciation of inner beauty and beauty in the world
  • Participants will find their learning helpful in managing personal inner conflict and in interpersonal relationships.
  • Understanding aspects of good, strong and skilful will.


"Susan Walsh's Guided Imagery gave me an opportunity to learn that I have a vast inner place of peace within myself. Also, it has taught me to be able to tap into this place anytime, anywhere I need a safe rejuvenating place to go to help me with life challenges"  

Shelly Wood, RN, BScN Community Health Nurse, New Glasgow  


"Susan's programs were well received and appreciated by staff and clients of New Hope, Psychosocial Rehab Program. Susan had very good energy and connection to our members. Susan is a highly creative person with genuine caring and many gifts to share with music and art"

Maureen Jones, Department of Mental Health, Pictou County Health Authority 


"My experience work with Susan was extremely positive and something I continue to draw upon in difficult personal or professional times."  

Lisa Rankin, Human Rights Activist  


"The women said they found the workshop fun and relaxing and they learned some new ways of coping with their problems."  

Donna Smith, Counselor, Tearmann House  


"It was a great time for busy moms to relax away from the duties and responsibilities of motherhood and get in touch with our creativity"  

Lynn Henderson, director, Pictou County Kids First  


"Susan opened a mental space where expression flowed, she guided us through a journey that melted away external noise"  

Denise Lynch, Artist, Chair Pictou County Arts Council


******************   WHERE AND WHEN    ***************************** 


Evening workshops, November 11,18, 25.   6:00 - 8:30 pm
Afternoon workshops, November 12,19, 26.   1:00 - 3:30 pm

Workshops are held in the Hawthorne Room, just behind Gabrieau's Bistro   

Payment $ 20
per workshop cash or cheque at the door.


Pre-registration required. Please email

Please feel free to pass on this information to a friend who may be interested.
Susan Walsh
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