February 2020
Finding Meaning and Purpose in Life
The challenges we encounter in life can cause us to re-evaluate our purpose. Read this blog article from Dr. James Mooney where he talks about a certain life challenge that helped him better understand his purpose in life and his role in helping others to find meaning in theirs.
Agency Spotlight

Catholic Charities, Part 1
Did you know that Catholic Charities of Ashland County provides a Multi-generational Mentoring (MGM) program coordinated by Celia Cureton? The older adult volunteers are paired with youth in elementary schools to receive academic tutoring. This program instills a sense of companionship for the older adults and similarly gives the students a positive adult role model. They meet twice weekly at the Loudonville Public Library Golden Center Room. Millrun Place in Ashland is a host to the MGM program on Tuesdays after school, and most recently, Ashland Council on Aging has begun the MGM program on Thursdays after school starting in February. Click the button below to learn more about Catholic Charities services.
Catholic Charities, Part 2
Catholic Charities also runs a Healthy Kids/Strong Families Program, which provides mental health and family development services to Ashland County families. The program strengthens families’ abilities to provide safe, stable, nurturing environments in order to assure healthy child development and brain function. It also promotes the development of resiliency and generally helps families build skills for healthy functioning. In the state fiscal year of 2019, the program served 25 families, including 34 adults and 67 children. To read about more early childhood mental health services provided by Catholic Charities through funding from MHRB, please read the Annual Service Summary for the Fiscal Year 2019 below.
Awareness Topic

We’re on Social Media!
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Mental Health Tips
Practice Mindfulness to Improve Your Well-Being
There are so many benefits to being mindful! Among other things, it helps you to slow down, focus and concentrate, know yourself better, relieve stress, and it leads to self-acceptance and compassion for others. It also leads to a more enjoyable life in general. Read these 11 tips from the Cleveland Clinic about how to start practicing mindfulness today.
Recent News

Seven Ways Reading Enhances Both Mind and Body
Did you know that reading can enhance both your physical and mental health? The benefits from reading can last a lifetime—as Joseph Addison once said, “Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.” Learn about seven ways that reading can enhance both mind and body.
Upcoming Events
The 12th Annual Pat Risser RSVP Conference

Date: Tuesday, March 31
Time: 8AM
Location: Ashland University’s John C. Myers Convocation Center, 638 Jefferson St, Ashland, OH

Please join us for the 12th Annual Pat Risser RSVP Conference - March 31,2020 - Empowerment Through Advocacy. This conference is for consumers, professionals, and those who want to learn more about recovery. Keynote speaker for this event it James B. Gottstein, Esq., President. CEO Psychiatric Rights. 6 CEU's possible with $45 registration.
Pathways Peer Support (New Writing-Related Group)

Date: First Tuesday of each month
Time: 1:15-2:45 PM
Location: Professional Building, Community Meeting Room, 34 W. Second St. & 221 Church Street, Ashland, OH

Engage in conversations, writing exercises, and mini-projects with this D.A.R.E. Group. DARE to dream, to look toward the future, and to find or rediscover a sense of self.
“Slowly I have come to see that asking and listening and accepting are a profound form of doing”

Dr. Vincent J Felitti, MD