The Davidson Center's unique opportunity for underclassmen (rising freshmen-juniors) to unpack their goals, research aligned opportunities, complete high school must-do's, and map out a path for the rest of high school. Too many students stress too much (or sometimes too little) about post-secondary plans.

This week long session enables students to calmly, yet efficiently explore their trajectory in a no-pressure, engaging environment. Both students who have no ideas for life beyond high school and those who think they know exactly what they want are suited for this workshop.

Students will walk away with: * A well-fitted, academically matched list of colleges to explore this year *A powerful resume and the skills to keep it sharp *A completed practice college application & brainstormed essay topics *A better comprehension of the college admissions process and how to tackle it *A skill set to search & apply for scholarships successfully *An action plan though junior year
Topics include:
  • Basic & advanced self-assessments
  • Major/career exploration
  • Resume generation
  • Finding the right college fit
  • College application basics
  • Introduction to summer programs

BONUS: Parent Financial Aid Information Session, Thursday from 3pm-5pm
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