Mark Borax and The College of Visionaries and Wizards present:

Discovering Your Soul's Work  with Alejandra Sophia
By Christy Lee Rogers
Discovering Your Soul's Work
Thurs September 27-  November 1 
1.30 - 3.30 pm Eastern

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Exploring right livelihood and deeper soul expression through Jupiter, Vesta, the 2nd house and other key elements in the Birth Chart.

We are each uniquely woven into the greater design of the mythic Earth system. Our birth chart reflects back the nature of how our energies are interwoven within this matrix of connectivity. Inside each of us is a calling. 

When we tap into our heart and synchronize with our spirit's passion, we align with a craft that becomes our offering to the larger circle of humanity in the global marketplace.  In a small circle of soul dreamers, we will identify key energies that reveal to you your passions, your interests and where you are filled with meaning to serve. 
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Opening to New Structures

Listen to this week's astrology report given live on Aug 28, as part of our Tribal Drumbeat Program.  A short five minute summary is here .
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Week 1: Coming together. Why are you called to this circle?

Igniting our journey through the next 6 weeks! I will introduce my intention and offer magical astrological prose to cast us into the alchemical fire of our heart's desire. The passing of the traditional College of Visionaries & Wizards Talking Stone will conjure each to speak from their core flame into the sacred hearth fire of our Circle. Swaha!

Week 2: Invoking Vesta. Your daily focus. Where's your attention?

Rectifying a distortion. Getting right to it. Righting a Wrong. The beginning of self-revelation. It's safe to come out now. Come on Vestal Virgins! The smoke is clearing. I'll invoke Goddess Vesta to restore Her to her rightful place of deep vigilance to your self-worth and the simple things you love to do. You do it daily so it can be hard to see. This is the first stitch threading you back into yourself.You deserve acknowledgment & respect. 

virgo Week 3: Virgo. How to use her to your benefit.

She's indispensable to honing your craft. Whether you have planets in Virgo or not,  Virgo is a Sign Journey streaming through all of us. We'll get to know who Virgo is and How To serve her in you. She holds a key to you making daily choices that serve you well and feed your soul!

Week 4: Tuning into the 2nd House. How to deepen in your craft.

Landing in yourself and opening the door to the scene, your workshop, your practice space. What does it look like? This is your Temple, a sanctuary where the sacred Art of Skill-building develops and takes shape. 

Week 5: Invoking Jupiter. When you are filled with meaning & Vision.

You feel the inspiration and want to share it with the world. It's time to get bigger! You can't play small anymore. You have a calling and you have to bear it and share it with the wider circle of culture. How do you keep the heart alive and passion burning and the Vision clear? I'll invoke Jupiter and see what He has to reveal.

Week 6: Sparking your Saturn. You know what you need to do. Closing circle & Blessing the way.

Final Adjustments, affirmations, and prenatal resolves.  Saturn conjured elementally to affirm your Core. Passing the Talking Stone. Sacred heart revelation and declarations bless the way forward. Magick is afoot! Let the spirit-alive souls be released upon the earth! Create your heart afire! Love Rules. TIME IS ART. 
soul astrologer + heart coach

Alejandra Sophia, Soul Astrologer + Heart Coach

The Ancients used Star Wisdom to navigate the internal territory of the Soul to guide a being on their Earth Journey. Atlantean New Earth Astrology is a methodology of tuning into an astrology birth chart that taps into the heart of each Zodiacal Sign & Planet as it uniquely flows through an individual.  Learn More

" Alejandra is deeply connected to forces beyond the seen world and brings the power of these to illuminate the chart. I feel empowered with clearer seeing of my strengths and challenges and the path of my true destiny."    ~ JB