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Hamilton's Labour Market Connection
Vol. 3, Issue 4  (March 27/14)
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Discovering Career Success through Sales and Service in Hamilton
Employing almost one in four Hamilton workers, sales and service occupations play an essential role in our community's labour market.  

WPH's latest research was been developed to provide insight into Hamilton's top occupational group and the career growth and opportunities available.

As Hamilton becomes a more service-central economy, demand for sales and service workers is projected to increase through to 2020. It is vital to clear any misconceptions there may be about sales and service occupations and ensure workers understand how to develop valuable skills out of EVERY job.

Read the complete report here.

Read a fast fact sheet on sales and service occupations here.
Ontario's labour market is facing a seismic shift
The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives released Seismic Shift: Ontario's Changing Labour Market - a report that finds Ontario's labour market is becoming more polarized and shifting away from traditional secure, middle income jobs.
Group mentoring proves to be a success with professional immigrant networks

computer-work-group.jpg We've all heard about the merits of mentorship, but what about group mentoring? 


Over the past year, three professional immigrant networks, JVS Toronto and TRIEC partnered on a small group mentoring project that proved to be a success. 

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