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Discretionary Reporting Guide, Provisional Registration Resources, Student Supervision Consultation and more
Discretionary Reporting for Fitness to Drive Now in Effect
Reminder: On July 1st, 2018, amendments to the Highway Traffic Act, 1990 came into effect. These amendments have specific implications for occupational therapists (OTs).

OTs in Ontario now have new authority to report potentially unsafe drivers directly to the Ministry of Transportation.

You can check out the College's Guide to Discretionary Reporting and access additional resources on our website.
Provisional Registration
Provisional registration information and resources
Applicants, provisional OTs, supervisors and employers often contact the College with questions about provisional registration requirements and expectations of the supervision process. The College has developed new resources to help address these questions:  

  • The Provisional Registration Supervision Agreement formalizes the supervision arrangement, outlines the accountabilities and expectations of the supervising OT, and provides important information about the conditions of provisional registration.

  • The Provisional Registration Supervision Plan outlines the supervision activities required by the College.

The goal of both documents is to ensure the appropriate level of oversight of the provisional OT throughout the supervised period.

For more information about provisional registration, including frequently asked questions, please visit the Provisional Registration section of our website. If you have questions, please contact registration@coto.org
You and Your Practice
Read the latest case and find answers
Case Scenario: Conflicting Opinions – Professional Obligations for OT Reports
Austin is an occupational therapist who works as an independent contractor for Prompt Rehab. Austin is asked to complete an attendant care needs assessment for Veronika, who was in a car accident six months ago and lives in a remote northern community. Austin completes his assessment and report, recommending home modifications and 20 hours of attendant care per day for Veronika. 

The insurance adjuster questions the recommendation for 20 hours of attendant care and home modifications. Prompt Rehab insists Austin reduce the recommended number of attendant care hours and modify his written report.  What should Austin do?

Q&A: Standard Fees for OTs
 You asked us: " Can the College tell me what standard fees OTs in Ontario are charging per hour? "

The College is not involved in the setting of fees for occupational therapists practicing in Ontario. Learn more…
Revised Standards
Updates to the Standards for Psychotherapy and the Standards for the Prevention of Sexual Abuse
Revised Standards for the Psychotherapy in effect August 1, 2018
The Standards for Psychotherapy have been revised following public consultation. These revised standards will come into effect on August 1, 2018. Learn more about the key changes.

The Standards outline what the public should expect from occupational therapists who are practising psychotherapy or the controlled act of psychotherapy in Ontario. Review the Standards for Psychotherap y online.

The College has also released a new Practice Resource: Determining When the Standards for Psychotherapy Apply.
Revised Standards for the Prevention of Sexual Abuse in effect August 1, 2018
Every OT is fully responsible to manage and maintain professional boundaries with clients at all times. Maintaining a professional relationship with a client is the only way an OT can remain objective when providing service and is necessary for the OT to ensure clients receive safe, effective, ethical care

Revised Standards for the Prevention of Sexual Abuse are in effect August 1, 2018 .

Quality Assurance Reminders
MyQA, PD Plan steps clarified, 2018 QA requirements
MyQA Turns One

Thanks to all the OTs who took a few minutes to provide feedback on their experiences with the first year of our new QA system MyQA. We are continuing to make improvements and encourage you to submit your comments here: surveymonkey.com/r/XV85LDS

MyQA Completion Rates

  • 99% Self-Assessment (SA) for all OTs required to complete a SA in 2017
  • 97% PREP for Are you PREP’d for Consent and Record Keeping?
  • 83% Professional Development Plan (PD Plan) 
How to Complete Your PD Plan

We appreciate this was the first year of MyQA and have heard from some OTs that they were not clear on the expectations for completing the 2017 PD Plan. Thank you for letting us know.

To assist with completion of your 2018 PD Plan, please follow the steps below.
  1. Develop and complete your 2018 PD Plan between June 2018 and May 31, 2019.
  2. Create 2-5 SMART goals for your PD Plan.
  3. Establish goals early (in June/July/August).
  4. Work on your goals during the following months.
  5. Update all your goals in April/May to include what you have learned, and any changes made to your practice because of your goals.
  6. Mark your goals as met or ongoing before May 31, 2019.
  7. Mark your PD Plan as complete before May 31, 2019.
  8. Verify your completion status on your MyQA homepage. A green dot will display once your PD Plan is complete.

For more information, check out Finding Your Way In MyQA or the Completing your PD Plan webinar on our YouTube channel.
2018 Quality Assurance Requirements Now Available

The 2018 Quality Assurance Requirements are live in MyQA: log in and take a look!

Reminder: Quality Assurance Requirements Due Dates

  1. Self-Assessment – October 31, 2018 (for those who are required to complete a SA in 2018)
  2. PREP – October 31, 2018
  3. Professional Development Plan – May 31, 2019
Open Consultations
We want to hear from you!
Consultation on the Revised Standards for the Supervision of Students
The College would like to hear your feedback on proposed changes to our Standards for the Supervision of Students. The Standards for the Supervision of Students outline the expectations for safe, ethical and competent practice from occupational therapists (OTs) who supervise students. 

What to expect in the revised Standards for the Supervision of Students:

  • Clarification of the responsibilities for OT supervisors
  • New performance indicator ensuring students maintain professional boundaries with clients
  • Revised expectations for supervising role-emerging placements

Please review the revised standards and let us know what you think: surveymonkey.com/r/B3RN6RT

The consultation closes at 4:00 p.m. on Friday, September 14, 2018.
College Council Updates
Key decisions and outcomes
College Council Highlights
The College Council met on Tuesday, June 26, 2018. Missed the meeting? See our website for full Council highlights.
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