eNews | April 2018
Discretionary Reporting
New authority to report fitness to drive
Webinar: Discretionary Reporting for Driving
Effective July 1, 2018, occupational therapists will have authority to report concerns regarding a client’s fitness to drive directly to the Ministry of Transportation.

Join the College and Elizabeth Weldon, Program Advisor from the Ministry of Transportation, on Tuesday May 29, 2018 for a 12-1PM webinar and learn about how recent changes to the Highway Traffic Act, 1990 may impact your occupational therapy practice. 

Learn about changes to the legislation that address:
  • who can report,
  • what new conditions and functional impairments should be reported, and
  • how a report should be made.

The College is developing an Interim Guide to Discretionary Reporting for Fitness to Drive to assist OTs with:
  • understanding their reporting roles and responsibilities, and
  • implementing relevant changes within their current practice setting. 

Details of the Interim Guide will be shared in the webinar and you will have an opportunity to ask questions.

Can’t make the webinar? A recording of the webinar will be posted on the College website. Questions can be directed to practice@coto.org or 1.800.890.6570/416.214.1177 ext 240.  
You and Your Practice
Read the latest case and find answers
Case Scenario: Discontinuing Occupational Therapist Services
Kendra, an occupational therapist (OT), receives a referral from an employer to assess Rafael’s ability to return to work. After working with Rafael for three months, Kendra confirms Rafael has achieved his occupational therapy goals. She recommends he start returning to work on a gradual basis with modified hours and adaptive equipment. Rafael disagrees with Kendra’s professional opinion and accuses her of siding with his employer.
Over the next few weeks, Rafael misses several sessions with Kendra, which were intended to support his return to work and finalize discharge arrangements. She attempts to contact him on multiple occasions but is not successful. Kendra wonders if she should discharge Rafael based on his poor attendance and the deterioration of the client-therapist relationship. Kendra does not want to abandon Rafael, however, when he misses his sessions without any notification, other clients on the waitlist are negatively impacted. Kendra wonders if she should discontinue her occupational therapy services.
Q&A: Reporting Elder Abuse

You asked us: "What are my obligations for reporting suspected elder abuse?"

The College expects OTs to comply with legislation applicable within their practice setting. Learn more
Open Consultation
Draft regulations for the controlled act of psychotherapy
Psychotherapy has been the topic of a number of recent surveys—our standards, regulations from our College, regulations from other Colleges—and we know there has been some overlap. We thank you for your attention to these requests.

We must ask you to pay special attention to the survey regarding draft regulations (similar to actual laws) on the controlled act of psychotherapy.   This is the first controlled act for occupational therapy and it’s important that we get the right rules in place. 

The survey will take you less than 5 minutes. The regulations are not complicated: have a look, let us know if you support them and provide any feedback to us by June 3. Access the survey here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/8XJBBLQ
Reminders and Deadlines
Annual Renewal, PD Plan and New QA Compliance Policy
Annual Renewal Deadline May 31
All occupational therapists (OTs) are required to renew or resign online on or before May 31, 2018. Renew early to avoid unexpected delays and complete your renewal on time. Login to renew now

Not currently working or taking a leave of absence? Not sure if you should renew? Learn about your options here.
QA: Professional Development Plan Deadline May 31
Professional Development (PD) plans are due May 31, 2018. Don’t delay. Log in to the College’s website and select MyQA to complete your PD Plan now.
All OTs in Ontario are required to participate in the Quality Assurance (QA) program. The QA program is designed to help OTs reflect on their roles and responsibilities, and identify new learning required to ensure they can provide safe, effective, ethical care.

There are three QA requirements. All are available online through the MyQA site.
  1. Professional Development (PD) plan due May 31
  2. Self-Assessment (SA) due October 31 every other year or when there is a change in practice
  3. Prescribed Regulatory Education Program (PREP) due October 31

Questions about your annual QA Requirements or MyQA? Visit Finding Your Way in MyQA or contact qaprograms@coto.org.
New QA Compliance Policy in Effect
Please note, failure to comply with the QA Program requirements within required time frames may result in follow up from the College or a referral to the Quality Assurance Committee (QAC) for a decision.

Please review the College’s Compliance with Quality Assurance Program Requirements Policy for more information.

Contact qaprograms@coto.org with any questions.
Council Updates and Highlights
Meet your new executive and learn about key decisions

The College elected a new College Council executive at our last meeting. Congratulations to our new College Council officers:

  • Winston Isaac (President),
  • Julie Entwistle (Vice-President)
  • Jeannine Girard-Pearlman (Finance)
  • Jennifer Henderson (Education).  

Winston Isaac is the College's first public member to be elected as Council President.
Newly elected Council President Winston Isaac with outgoing Council President Jane Cox
The College recognized the contribution of outgoing Council members Jane Cox, Shannon Gouchie, Laurie Macdonald and public member Abdul Wahid for their years of service to public protection. The College welcomed new Council members Teri Shackleton, Heather McFarlane, Stephanie Schurr and public member Peter Shenfield.

Missed the meeting? Learn about key decisions and get the highlights from the March 29 Council meeting on our website.
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