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October 6, 2023

Discrimination Financial Assistance Program Weekly Update

DFAP Reminders

Before we head into week 14 of the Discrimination Financial Assistance Program, we wanted to remind you of some program updates and announcements.


Many local offices will soon be open on Saturdays and offer extended weekday hours. Updated information will soon be available on the website. Also, the recently announced deadline extension means that you can submit your program application through January 13. If you would like to request FSA records, this can be done through November 3. And don’t forget to check out new resources that have been added online.

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Q&A with Chisa Brigham

What is your name and title? 

Chisa Brigham, DFAP 22007 Project Manager, Farmer Veteran Coalition 


How do you/your organization support farmers, ranchers, and landowners with the DFAP program? 

Farmer Veteran Coalition serves as one of eight USDA Cooperators. We provide outreach and technical assistance, utilizing our chapters across the country as well as headquarters staff. 


What resources/initiatives does your organization have available to assist these communities when applying for the DFAP program? 

Farmer Veteran Coalition creates collaborative outreach opportunities to spread the word about the program, along with media resources that support applicant knowledge of the program. 


What motivated you to get involved in this initiative? 

The Branches of the US Armed Forces are very diverse. Thus, the Farmer Veteran Coalition's membership is diverse, and Veterans themselves are recognized as members of underserved communities. Farmer Veteran Coalition's founding mission is to support America's Veterans transitioning into agriculture and thus we want to support those producers who may have faced discrimination in the FSA loan process. DFAP offers some resolution for those working to feed America. We understand the importance of the agriculture industry and join efforts with USDA as they seek to restore equitable practices. 


What’s one thing you want to make sure people reading this newsletter understand about the application or the program? 

The program at minimum allows applicants to share their stories that have gone unheard. Your voice is important in this process and using it is a large step towards healing. 


Any final thoughts/things you’d like to share? 

Please contact FVC at 855-FVC-FARM or [email protected] if you would like to participate and need any technical assistance on eligibility or completing the application.  

Farmer Veteran Coalition supports all our farmers and ranchers. We invite Veterans across America to join Farmer Veteran Coalition with and stand united and supported as we continue to support our communities across the country.  

Farm Veteran Coalition

Forging a New Path with Farming 

(Homegrown By Heroes, In the News) 

Courtney Ellington describes her journey into farming as “a path less traveled.” 


“While my family had no background in agriculture, my fascination with the land and its potential for growth and sustenance was undeniable,” the Memphis, Tennessee native said. “From a young age, I found myself captivated by the beauty of nature and the bountiful harvests it could yield. I marveled at the way crops sprouted from the earth, nurtured by the sun and rain, and ultimately nourishing communities.” 


Courtney today lives in Oroville, California, and runs El&10 Farms with her children and Veteran friend Alex Secord, a Purple Heart recipient. 

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Building Resiliency Stakeholder Survey

Through the Building Resiliency program, the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Risk Management Agency, Intertribal Agriculture Council, and their partners — Rural Coalition, Annie's Project, and Alcorn State University — aim to enhance delivery efforts of available risk management options across the crop insurance sector. Participants in the Building Resiliency Stakeholder Survey will frame the current crop insurance landscape facing farmers and ranchers in underserved communities. 

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Veteran Farmer Training

Continue to serve with a rewarding career in organic agriculture. 

The Rodale Institute Veteran Program for military veterans prepares participants for a successful career in organic agriculture. Military veterans learn through personalized, hands-on experiences and get access to Rodale Institute’s deep network of industry professionals and experts. Through field trips, workshops, speaking engagements, and more, participants learn the fundamentals of organic farming at the Rodale Institute. 

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Local Events

Dozens of events are taking place across the country this week, including several virtual events. These are available in English and Spanish, during and after business hours. To find individual events, locations, and times that work for you, visit our Local Events page. 

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The DFAP Call Center will assist you with general inquiries and answer at [email protected] or phone at 1-800-721-0970

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