Disease Management Digest, October 27, 2011 Disease Management Digest
October 27, 2011 Volume VIII, Issue 16

  1. Computer-Based Physical Therapy Games Help Parkinson's Patients

  2. Gestational Diabetic African American Women Face High Diabetes Risk

  3. New Chart: Who's Responsible for Improving Patient Satisfaction?

  4. Twitter Tracks H1N1 Vaccination Rates, Attitudes

  5. Melanoma Skin Cancer Has Costly Impact on America

  6. Q&A: How Do E-mail Reminders Effect Behavior Change Activities?
    (open access until November 2.)

  7. Health Groups Issue Proposed Cervical Cancer Screening Guidelines

  8. Is Steroid Treatment for COPD Ineffective?

  9. HealthSounds Video: 2011 Trends & Metrics in Healthcare Case Management

  10. New Technology Kills Bacteria that Cause Hospital Infections

  11. Headlines Show How Registries Boost Care Accountability for High Risk and Special Needs Patients

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Functional Decline in Chronic Care Patients

Excerpt from presentation by Patricia Zinkus, director of case management at Fallon Community Health Plan:

"Current information demonstrates that the frail senior members who do not understand their physician’s plan of care are transitioning from one level of care to another or are especially at risk for preventable admission, readmission and ER visits. There is a pamphlet for our Home Run program that identifies the collaborative effort between the VNA, the Fallon Clinic and Fallon Community Health Plan, which underscores the fact that we are not replacing the PCP. Patients still go to their doctors for visits; however, we augment their care." Watch the webinar today or order a training DVD or CD-ROM.