September 4, 2018
Dismantling Racism: 
The Doctrine of Discovery
Baltimore Dakota Learning Camps Steering Committee (BDSC)

by Chrystie Adams & Robin Bissell, BDSC

The Baltimore Dakota Learning Camps Steering Committee (BDSC) will present a resolution about dismantling racism and the plight of Native Americans and  their homelands at the 880th Gathering of the Presbytery of Baltimore next week. Several questions have arisen about the need for suc h a resolution. In the words of the hymn, "Open My Eyes That I May See" -- BDSC hopes that this article  provides "glimpses" and "voices" of truth so that all may understand why BDSC seeks a resolution :
1. What is the Doctrine of Discovery?  It originated as a Papal Bull (written document) in 1493, issued by Pope Alexander the VI that played an important role in the Spanish conquest of the New World. It informed the way Colonial powers could claim lands belonging to non-Christian nations. The document has been primarily used to justify decisions invalidating indigenous peoples' right to inhabit lands. An important Supreme Court Decision  stated that "the "Doctrine of Discovery" was an established legal principle of English and American colonial law that had also become the law of the American state and federal governments." (Robert J. Miller and Sandra Day O'Connor, May 17, 2005 - Idaho Law Review). As a direct result of the adoption of the Doctrine of Discovery into U.S. law, the Manifest Destiny concept was born. There were three basic beliefs that were contained in Manifest Destiny:
The righteousness and superiority of the Christian moral values and institutions of the United States A belief that the U.S spread these moral values to benefit the world and to fulfill God's wishes Faith that God has blessed the U.S. to succeed and that every success confirms this blessing. (, July 21, 2015)  
2. Why are we talking about it now?  It has become increasingly clear to members of the BDLC Steering Committee and the Presbyterian Church (USA) that we must embrace a deeper understanding of the injustices and tragic history of our Native American brothers and sisters, specifically addressing how the church has been involved. As our relationships through the have deepened through the Baltimore Dakota Learning Camps 15-year partnership. We have become painfully aware of the many things that were done to the indigenous peoples of the country we know as the United States. It is very clear that the Presbytery of Baltimore's Dismantling Racism focus should embrace a greater understanding of the history of our treatment of our Native American brothers and sisters.  
3. What is so important about acknowledging the indigenous lands where we meet?  The BDSC feels that it is important to recognize the physical reality of the lands that were acquired because of the Doctrine of Discovery. During the 223rd  General Assembly, the Presbyterian Mission agency Board, on behalf of the Doctrine of Discovery team, made 18 recommendations. Recommendation number eight says: "Encourage mid councils to begin their meetings with acknowledgement of whose land they are meeting on and that greetings to the assembly include a welcome from those Indigenous peoples currently living on the land."
4/5. How do we know who "rightfully" occupied the lands where our Presbytery is meets and do we trust the information on the map of the Eastern Woodland Tribes?  The Eastern Woodland Tribes map presented at a previous Presbytery Gathering was researched by Aaron Carapella,  who is recognized as an authority in tribal lands. Many tribal historians have used these maps.
6. Who is the Baltimore Dakota Steering Committee and what do they do?   The BDSC is the leadership committee for the Baltimore Dakota Learning Camps, a partnership under the Presbytery's Commission on Reconciliation. The BDSC has worked in partnership with the Dakota Presbytery to organize learning camps; this includes partnership relationships with 12 of the 21 Dakota Presbytery churches. Several hundred volunteers from our Presbytery have participated in these learning camps.  The Mission Statement of the BDLC is "to model the love of Jesus through educational partnerships with the churches of the Dakota Presbytery." We seek mutual learning that leads to strong relationships that must be the basis for reconciliation and true understanding.  
7. Does BDSC have a relationship with any Indigenous peoples in the bounds of the Presbytery? If so, who are they?  The BDSC has a history with the Baltimore American Indian Center (BAIC), which helped to raise funds during the early years of BDLC. Keith Colston, former Chair of the BAIC, worked in partnership with the BDSC to provide guest speakers and performers. The relationship lapsed,  for several years but has been rekindled this summer with recent discussions about this resolution between the current BAIC chair, Dr. Dennis Seymour, and BDSC member, Chrystie Adams. Dr. Seymour was encouraged by the proposed resolution as well as the an Apology Overture adopted by the 222nd General Assembly. In addition to reconnecting with the BAIC, the BDSC has also met with a representative of the Indigenous Council and is working toward an adoption of Indigenous Peoples' Day in Baltimore City. BDSC is also making contacts with Native American groups in the Western Maryland area of our Presbytery.
8. Why would the Indigenous people want to welcome the Presbytery of Baltimore if our ancestors took away their lands?  It has become increasingly clear that our Native American brothers and sisters are very interested in engaging in dialogue that will lead to greater understanding and the beginning of reconciliation. It is only through truthful speaking and listening that we will reach a place where reconciliation can begin.


Committee and Commission meetings will be held at the Presbytery's office (unless noted otherwise.)
  • Committee on Representation will meet 6:30pm on Thursday, Sept. 6
  • Trustees will meet at 9am on Tuesday, Sept. 11
  • Administration will meet at 1:30pm on Tuesday, Sept. 11
  • New Commissioners will meet at 6:30pm on Tuesday, Sept. 11
  • Baltimore Dakota Partnership will meet at 7:30pm on Tuesday, Sept. 11 
  • Committee on Preparation for Ministry will meet at 3pm on Wednesday, Sept. 19 at Catonsville PC
  • Cuba Partnership will met at 7pm on Wednesday, Sept. 19
  • Uptown Metro MG will meet Saturday, Sept 22 for Elder Training 
  • Steering Committee will meet at 1pm on Wednesday, Sept. 26
  • Commission on Reconciliation will meet at 6:30pm on Wednesday, Sept 26
  • In the Loop MG will meet at 5pm on Sept. 28 a Faith PC

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