The Specimen Tracking Solution.
Dispatch pick-ups are now easier than ever! 
MCE’s new Dispatch Map feature makes handling of STATs, will calls and time-sensitive specimens more efficient and easier to integrate into courier routes. Get all the details in this month’s blog. 

You asked for it, we listened! 
Our team of engineers continually work on ways to make MCE better. We appreciate the feedback and suggestions we get from you and wanted to share some of the new features we have in place as a result of customer feedback!

1.        Dynamic Routing for PhlebotomistsThe daily route for traveling phlebotomists is ever changing. Efficient route planning (particularly when planning routes for multiple phlebotomists) can be labor-intensive and time consuming when conducted manually . With MCE, the process is automated for fast and easy planning. Click here to learn more.

2.        Supply Tracking – You’ll often find that medical couriers are responsible for transporting confidential paperwork, prescription medications, lab work, equipment and supplies, in addition to medical specimens. Because couriers are responsible for managing these other tasks, we have developed supply tracking. This feature enables base-level tracking of non-specimen supplies to provide greater visibility on the usage levels, more easily identify trends, and have a better understanding of what’s going out the door. Click here to learn more.

3.        Customer Generated Dispatching: We’ve added a will call/dispatch feature designed specifically for customer generated dispatched STATs, time-sensitive pick-ups, and will calls, making it easier than ever to coordinate and manage last-minute and high-priority requests. Click here to learn more. 
Coming Soon!
Start of Day/End of Day – This feature is still under construction but designed to help managers and couriers keep track of non-specimen, courier related information. Management of specimens and other items or information on one device streamlines processes for couriers and saves administrators time tracking and managing vehicles, equipment and miscellaneous lab requests. We’ll keep you informed when it’s ready to be released!

We appreciate the input we receive from you to make MCE an outstanding tool for tracking specimens, lab management, and courier management. We welcome you to share your thoughts and insight with us any time!
Harness the power of MCE to generate cost-savings
Utilizing MCE’s optimized route planning and scheduling features is a great way to successfully reduce lab expenses. Efficient routes and scheduling reduce travel time, offer fuel savings, and may potentially reduce the number of routes your lab needs to run each day. 

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This is the largest Clinical Diagnostics convention in Central NY, and provides an excellent opportunity to network with peers, earn continuing education credits and meet with vendors who offer the latest innovations and provide expert solutions to your biggest challenges. 
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