"We are told to believe we are powerless, and that's not the truth." 
- Malaya Davis, Dispatches from Cleveland

Two newly launched films. Sixteen upcoming screenings. Hundreds of viewers reached worldwide... and we are just getting started! Read on for awesome reviews, fun photos, humbling awards, upcoming screening dates for both films, and more!

We are loving Madame Gandhi's The Future is Female this month. 
The World Premiere of 
Dispatches from Cleveland

 Dispatches from Cleveland
had a fantastic premiere at the Cleveland International Film Festival. A special thank you to all our panelists: Samaria Rice, LaTonya Goldsby, Fred Ward, Elle Hearns, Trevelle Harp, Ed Little, and Marvin Cross for joining Catherine on stage to take questions after the screenings. 

Gratitude to Old Stone Church for partnering with the festival to sponsor our 
screenings. On Saturday, they hosted a reception in their gallery that currently features the work of Amanda King and her teenage artist comrades called 
" Shooting Without Bullets," a project which emerged in response to police violence against youth nationwide.  

Don't miss the next screening of Dispatches at the 
You can purchase tickets here

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   A huge shoutout to Brian of  Take 5 Rhythm & Lounge for hosting our opening night afterparty last Friday. And cheers to DJ Red-I of Fresh Produce for DJ'ing the party. 
We are proud to say that Cleveland rappers - Fresh Produce and Basheer Jones -
provided the spot on soundtrack for  Dispatches

Director/Producer Catherine Gund (center) with Cortney Stoutemire (left) and Production Assistant Sophi Webb (right) in Tower City Cinemas.

   Catherine and particiapnts Samaria      
   Rice, Elle Hearns, and Latanya Goldsby.

Catherine, Associate Producer Laura Tatham, and Nick Fierro outside the theater.

DaMareo Cooper, Catherine, and participants Fred Ward, and Ed Little.

Here is what people in Cleveland have been saying about DFC:

poignant, sobering, and powerful... a galvanizing 
tool, a way to empower people
     and convince them to get involved in their local communities, and work to make a 
     difference. " -   Annie Zaleski, The Cleveland Film Society

     "[It] finds its power in a modern example of how individual communities can move 
. And as much as it is important to understand our past so as not to repeat 
knowing how to build our future is just as important. 
Dispatches from 
     Cleveland shows us how. Leigh Monson,  Substream Magazine

     " Dispatches From Cleveland  hits you with 
an emotional sledgehammer..."
 -  Kelly 
      Petryszyn, Cleveland Magazine

Illumination (or "shining a light") was the theme of the Cleveland Film Festival this year. Click above to see how Catherine responds when asked what her film illuminates. 
Chavela travels the world!

Chavela has been traveling the world gathering the admiration of audiences from Berlin to Amsterdam, Mexico, Spain, and soon the USA, Turkey, and Argentina! The story of Chavela spoke deeply to the people of Berlin, where we received the 2nd Place Audience Award in the Panorama Documentary category (second only to the impeccable I Am Not Your Negro by Raoul Peck!), and was named Best Documentary at the New Renaissance Film Festival in Amsterdam!

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Toronto, Canada
5/3/2017 Wednesday @ 7:00 PM  TIFF Bell Lightbox 2 
5/4/2017 Thursday @ 10:00 AM  TIFF Bell Lightbox 2
5/5/2017 Friday @ 6:15 PM  TIFF Bell Lightbox 2
5/6/2017 Saturday @ 1:00 PM  Hart House Theatre

4/23/2017 Sunday @ 5:00PM, St. Anthony Main Theatre 1
4/29/2017 Saturday @ 9:20 AM,  St. Anthony Main Theatre 1